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Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 17: The Big Hit


Because we covered Kirk Wong’s Hong Kong career and have the bonus episodes format at our disposal, thought it’d be suitable to truly go out on The Director’s Series on Kirk Wong by talking of his Hollywood action comedy debut The Big Hit from 1998… starring Marky Mark.

Click to play in web-browser (to download right click and save)

Podcast on Fire 59: “An Evening with Stoo & Mike” AKA 52 Minutes of Waffling

When the heroic duo of Stoo and Mike discover that Ken is fighting Cat III Kaiju’s in Stockholm, they decide to kick back and enjoy a evening of banter. Ong Bak 2, Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars, Asian Cinema on British TV and we revisit Guilty Pleasures! Oh yeah the occasional static sound is me scratching my beard!!

Mikes Link for Stoo;

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