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Tag: Taylor Wong

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 63: No More Love No More Death

If you were into With Or Without You and was wondering about the background of Jacky Cheung’s violent assassin Prince and Rosamund Kwan’s club girl Tweedy’s relationship, it gets told in more explicit, extended fashion in a prequel film: No More Love No More Death, with no more Leon Lai. With Kenny B and Phil G. Read More

Podcast On Fire 342: Tragic Hero

The story from Rich and Famous continues but it was Tragic Hero that introduced Hong Kong audiences to these characters. The two film gangster epic wraps up, in 1987’s Tragic Hero. With Kenny B and Phil G. Read More

Podcast On Fire 328: Fun And Fury & With Or Without You

After having no real action requirements placed on him in Fruit Punch and Wicked City, Leon Lai has to go to action-work in Frankie Chan’s Fun And Fury. Also, Leon and Jacky Cheung fight over the affection of Rosamund Kwan as cop and triad respectively in With Or Without You. With Kenny B and Phil G. Read More

Podcast On Fire 208: Rich And Famous & Once Upon A Time A Hero In China


The Alan Tam crapping hour with Kenny B and Phil G returns! We take a look at part 1 of Taylor Wong’s gangster saga Rich And Famous and then talk the Wong Fei Hung that no one asked for in the form of Alan Tam starring in the comedy Once Upon A Time A Hero In China.

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