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This Week In Sleaze 25: Tightie Whitie Theatre – False Lady & Hunting Evil Spirit


It’s Christmas at the Tightie Whitie Theatre and once again it’s a very special Charlie Cho Christmas! It’s therefore not Category III Christmas movies per say but depraved sights of Charlie Cho for our picks because that does ring true of Christmas…because there’s a lot of cumming (deck the halls and all that) and it’ll make you choke on your egg nog. So strap in for something rather pleasant actually in the form of a US comedy remake called False Lady and something Charlie Cho-esque threadbare and depraved story wise in the form of Hunting Evil Spirit. Also featuring a reading by The Great Lord Joshua Regal of the Christmas classic ‘How Charlie Cho Stole Christmas’, Sean Connery stops by and the This Week In Sleaze team thank you for listening this year and have a very Merry Christmas!

Cover art by David Lam, his art blog The Ink Ronin (

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