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STFU! – Ip Man (2008)

This weeks “Stoos Top Fights Unleashed!” is from last years bone crunching biopic masterpiece Ip Man, starring our man Donnie Yen!

Setting the Scene: The Japanese army have occupied China; Japanese soldiers are rounding up Chinese martial artists making them fight against black belt karate fighters for the amusement of General Miura (Played by Hiroyuki Ikeuchi). Bags of rice are given out to the Chinese fighters if they manage to beat their soldiers.

Our leading man Ip Man (Played by Donnie Yen) has no choice but to watch in terror as one of his peers shot dead after loosing a spar against three Japanese solders. Ip Man gets the chance to avenge his fallen martial brother by offering to fight against ten Soldiers. Read the rest of this entry »

STFU! – Who Am I? (1998)

STFU is the first in a series of articles I will be writing in the future. This acronym doesn’t stand for that popular use of internet slang, it actually stands for “Stoos Top Fights Unleashed!” and it only took me five minutes to come up for that too! Awesome I know, I know.

Stunt Coordinator: Jackie Chan and Sam Wong

So for this STFU! I’ve chosen the excellent rooftop fight from Who Am I? Which consists of Jackie Chans character the amnesia ridden “Whoami” dueling against dutch high kicker Ron Smoornburg and Kwan Yung.

For the sharper eyes out there will notice Ron was doubled on a few scenes during that fight, not to doubt Rons physical achievements, Ron’s the “Holder of the Holland record for highest kick”, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ron could kick the roof off a house. Rons footwork wasn’t up to scratch with Jackies choreography, hence the reason why Jackie Chan Stunt Team member Brad Allen appears in quick flashes, after watching the video several times it does remind me of a child wearing his dads work clothes!

I first saw this fight scene when my dad rented me the VHS and I was stunned by this awesome fight along with the mixture of crazy stunts! I remember even when I first got into watching Asian Cinema, me and my mates would order take out, chow down, drink up and watch this awesome fight scene!

Who takes the bump? This section is basically to help me flesh out my article more! Hey, I’m honest and amazing rolled into one. Who takes the bump is basically, who gets their arse kicked the most? For this article Kwan Yung at the 01:20 mark, get this man some Anadin Extra!

Credit: YouTube user; moizneos

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