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Tag: snake in the eagle’s shadow

Podcast On Fire 320: The Cub Tiger From Kwangtung & Master With Cracked Fingers

Shifty producers do shifty producer things to an old movie with Jackie Chan. All four versions of Master With Cracked Fingers examined! With Kenny B and Michael Scott of the Action For Everyone podcast.

00m 00s – Intro/The Cub Tiger From Kwangtung & Master With Cracked Fingers background.
44m 15s – The Cub Tiger From Kwangtung & Master With Cracked Fingers review.

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Music courtesy of Brian Kirby (

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Podcast On Fire 76: Jackie Chan Special Part 1

The start of a series of shows covering the career of the legendary Jackie Chan and if you’re a fan or casual viewer, there’s a lot to take in via Ken’s and Brian Kirby’s  (of Shelf Life Clothing and Hong Kong Subtitles) 2 hour discussion of Jackie’s career in the 70s leading up to 1982. Featuring a larger spotlight on specifically Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow and The Young Master.

(Ken’s note: pardon misid’ing the box office info on The Young Master. The first movie to make 1 million at the Hong Kong Box Office was The One Armed Swordsman.)

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Cast From The Past: Podcast On Fire 6 – The Magnificent Trio-banter

The next Cast From The Past (a series of shows lost from our iTunes feed and website) from 2007 features Stoo, Ken, and Mike Banner. Discussing Mainland Chinese stars in Hong Kong movies, pro’s and con’s of remakes, censorship, favourite Stephen Chow-moments and the pro’s and con’s of Wong Jing. Last movie watched includes Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow and King Boxer.

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