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Podcast On Fire 70: I know what you did last Sunday before AND after the commentary

Listen in to hear what it takes to start a Commentary On Fire and off-air banter post-commentary follows with the trio of Stoo, Ken and Mike Leeder. It managed to be fun, informative and LONG enough to warrant a little regular Podcast On Fire. Have fun!

Sinking of Japan (2006)

Plot: When a underwater volcano erupts it leaves Japan in turmoil.  After the damage is done it’s determined that Japan is in fact sinking and they have under a year left before Japan is submerged.

Review: Sinking of Japan AKA Japan Sinking is going to be difficult to sum up with out comparing it to the American blockbusters; Day After Tomorrow and 2012. I have little interest in the natural disaster genre and the slow start to this movie left me with little hope and interest towards the movie and its ill fated cast.

Based on the original novel by Sakyo Komatsu, it focuses on three characters who are brought together by the first eruption. Our leading lady is Reiko (Kou Shibasaki), is part of an elite rescue squad. She saves both our leading man, submarine research pilot Onoder (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) and wondering orphan child Misaki (Mayuko Fukuda). Read the rest of this entry »

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