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Tag: Seventh Curse

The Director’s Series 3: Nam Nai-Choi – The Seventh Curse

We’ve reached the part of the coverage where you recognize the movie we cover, the one that almost always enters a discussion of cool Hong Kong horror, splatter and adventure flicks. Nam Nai-choi was behind one such and it’s the subject of discussion this episode… The Seventh Curse! Chow Yun-fat, pipes, bazookas, flying baby worm monsters and blood curses. Strap in as Ken, David and Tom analyze the movie containing some of the best work of certain acting legends.

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro
12m 15s – Wisely background
19m 45s – Chow Yun-fat bio/discussion
49m 00s – Tom’s views on Chin Siu-ho (Ken and David’s at the 53 minutes, 29 second mark in The Director’s Series 1)
50m 45s – Maggie Cheung bio/discussion
64m 00s – Dick Wei bio/discussion
69m 20s – Elvis Tsui bio/discussion
78m 47s – The Seventh Curse review

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Commentary On Fire 8: The Seventh Curse (1986)

On this episode of Commentary on Fire we will be missing out on the deep Swedish knowledge of Kenneth Brorsson but he’s replaced by four Scottish blokes who have never heard of Nam Nai-Choi! Stewart invites 3 of his friends around to watch the wackiest B-Movie around: The Seventh Curse (or by the end of the night The Kentucky Fried Curse). This might make no sense at all but it is just a wee experiment.:D

For those without the dvd the commentary is available timed to video, via this playlist link or the video below: