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Force of Five (2009)

The Force of Five is made up of five young kids who practise Muay Thai kick boxing with their teacher Master Lek. The youngest of the group is fatally ill, luckily for him some other child is brain dead and his heart is up for grabs!

Things turn ugly when the hospital is over taken by a terrorist organization led by a young girl. The four kids come up with a plan sneak into the building to retrieve a heart prepared for the vital transplant! Read the rest of this entry »

Thailand has got the “Force of Five” (UK DVD/BL Release)

Cine-Asia are preparing their next release from Thailand, with the success of “Raging Phoenix” and with “Merantau” being released in the next few weeks, Force of Five is now due for release. Force of Five is also known as Power Kids, this time the adrenaline is provided by two high kicking teenagers!

Force Of Five (rated 15) will be released on DVD (£17.99) and Blu-ray (£24.99) by Cine Asia on 5th July 2010. Special Features include: Interview Gallery; Making of; Behind The Scenes; Original Trailer; Dolby Digital Thai 2.0 and 5.1 (DVD); DTS HD MA Thai 5.1 (Blu-ray); English Subtitles.

Cine-Asia have now released this trailer to convince anyone that is still on the fence; Click Here

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