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Tag: Running Out of Time 2

Running Out of Time 2 (2001)


Inspector Ho (Lau Ching-Wan) has led the normal cops life after the events from the first movie. One day he is called to a building roof top when there warning that a man is about to jump. When Ho arrives one of his colleagues, Ken (Lam Suet) is talking with the jumper. The Jumper (Ekin Cheng) has manipulated Ken into playing a game of ‘Heads or Tails’, but Ken is like a broken record by continually repeating the answer “Heads”. Strangely enough its always a “Tails”.

The mystery jumper soon grows bored with both Ken and Ho. the mystery man suddenly dives off of the building, lighting smoke flares as he jumped. When he lands on the giant crash mat at the bottom, he’s no where to be found. Ho soon tracks him down, as each rubbish bin he passed, he left smoke flares in each.

The mystery man states that he has stole 3 very valuable piece of art, which are worth over five million dollars. Ho is intrigued and sets of the rules between him and the thief. If Ho mange’s to get him to the police station, Ho wins and the thief is under arrest. If the thief gets away, they’ll continue chasing each other.

Unsurprisingly enough, the thief escapes. But he leaves clues behind for Ho catch up. The story soon unveils to show that the thief is after 10 million dollar ransom and he wants Ho to deliver it… Read More