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Tag: Running on Karma

Podcast On Fire 167: Running On Karma & Flirting Scholar


In this episode we all find out if we’re gonna die soon by pumping iron and watching each other’s karma auras.  And we laugh. It’s easy to draw the conclusion therefore that we’re covering 2003’s Running On Karma by Johnnie To & Wai Ka-fai and the Stephen Chow box office smash Flirting Scholar by Lee Lik-chi. Kenny B and Tom K-W are at hand to discuss with returning co-host Hong Kong Dave!

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The Top 50 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade (#40-31)


In case you’ve missed part one, we continue our run down of the top 50 movies from this past decade. So far, no shocking responses, no death threats or fan mail! As stated before;

This list is compiled of the best movies from this decade, not the best movies I’ve seen this decade, so this list will not include Oscar winning classics such as “Who am I?” or “Those handsome riders of those Storm, cloud, cool hair cuts thing. Sequins etc.”

Some notable classics will be missing; obviously I haven’t seen every movie we were graced with for the past decade. If you do have the strong urge to voice your opinion, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page where I will most likely respond and say “UR RONG!!” on a serious note, I would love it if we did get some feedback

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Running on Karma (2003)


Biggie (Andy Lau) an ex-martial arts monk from the Grotto Temple, left the temple after criminal, Sun Ko brutally death of his childhood friend, Jade. Big immigrates to Hong Kong where he tries to make a living as a beggar or an illegal worker. He even woo’s the ladies with his amazing Shaolin skills. But Bigs extraordinary talents is being able to looking into peoples past life’s and how their sins in the past will effect their future… Read More