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Dragon Lord (1982)

Dragon Lord, Jackie back again with the similar cast of The Young Master, the film was originally entitled ‘The Young Master in Love’ yet changed at last minute. Dragon (Jackie Chan), now an excellent sportsman and budding Martial Artist is getting himself in all kind’s of trouble when he falls in love with one of the village girls, Lai. Yet the same problem is shared by Bull (Mars) who happens to be Dragons best friend. Dragon gets in and out of trouble one many occasions, for example getting his teacher to write calligraphy for him whilst he goes out or secretly hidden the poems in his shoes so he can memorizes them when tested. Read the rest of this entry »

Pom Pom (1984)


Beethoven (John Shum) and Ah-Chiu (Richard Ng) are to two women loving cops who cant stop playing pranks on each other. One day after being tipped off by Wen (Tai Bo) on a drug deal. They suddenly jump to action (both hoping for a promotion) and stop the superstar ‘Sha’ (Peter Chan Lung), although he is clean, no evidence of any dealing at all and the two cops are left looking stupid. Now given the mission to find evidence enough to put the evil Sha in jail, for good!

Both Chiu and Beethoven are also looking for love. Chiu starts a steady relationship with the Iron Lady, Anna (Deanie Yip). After many failed attempts Beethoven still comes out unlucky, he nearly makes with a relative of a murder victim. The victim was also Sha’s girlfriend, coincidence…I think not. Read the rest of this entry »

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