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Tag: Liu Chai Ghost Story

This Week In Sleaze 61/Commentary On Fire 15: Mind Fuck

Let’s talk fucking Mind Fuck… again! First it was a podcast, then a bonus episode and now the most reviewed movie on This Week In Sleaze is getting an audio commentary.

Available both as a podcast and timed to video below (with all nudity and hardcore sex blurred out or replaced with an amusing image… because we’re responsible that way).


Contact the show via email at podcastonfire at, on our Facebook page and Facebook group or Twitter (@podcastonfire@sogoodreviews) and SUBSCRIBE to our iTunes feed. Music courtesy of Brian Kirby whose awesome clothing line you can find at

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Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 39: Mind Fuck

Mind Fuck, its hardcore porn (and to a degree softcore) gets re-reviewed. There’s little to no good explanation why.

Click to play in web-browser (to download right click and save)