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Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 41: Members Only Archive Dusted #17

Consisting of outtakes and deleted material (previously only available to forum members) out of Japan On Fire 6 – 8 with Kenny B, Brian Kirby, Ron Strong and August Ragone from 2010, this collection feature tangents and outtakes on the theme of mostly Japanese tokusatsu entertainment. Topics include thoughts on favourite SCOPE-logo, Ultraman, Daimajin’s connection to Fist Of Fury, Roger Corman and how Taiwanese cinema made a Kamen Rider-movie.

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Taiwan Noir 24: Mars Men & Superriders Against The Devils


The Asian film industry of the mid 70s was infused with the spirit of sharing–or, at least, borrowing. And often without permission. One of the results of this was a series of incredibly strange hybrid superhero films that were just as likely to include figures from Thai folklore as they were mad scientists and damsels in distress. In this episode therefore we’ll be discussing two of these pan-Asian franken-films, Mars Men and Superriders Against The Devils.

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Running Times:

00m 00s – Intro/Mars Men background/The story of Sompote Sands
32m 38s – Mars Men review
57m 50s – Kamen Rider & Superriders Against The Devils background
63m 00s – Superriders Against The Devils review

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