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Musa (2001)

Plot: A group of diplomats sent out into Northern China, the group are soon led into a trap by the Mings. They have their weapons taken from them and were accused of betraying the Mings. They abandon the group in the middle of the desert ruled by Yuan troops and left for dead.

The group decide they have to fight their way back to Korea. As the Korean diplomats are killed in battle or by their travels. A determined yet stern leader, Choi Jung (Ji Jin-Mo), decides that the men must be pushed and they will get them back to Korea. He drives the men through the desert, each of them begin to group like flies, either die of exhaustion, dehydration and have fought to the death.

Among the Koreans is the dying Lee Jee-Hun, an elder who travels with his slave Yoh-Sol (Jung Woo-Sung), but the other Koreans still treat him as a slave although Yoh-Sol is highly skilled in the use of the spear…

Jinlip (Ahn Sung-Ki) another member of the diplomats. He seems to be the voice of reason between the General and the slaves. Jinlip also turns out to be a highly skilled archer, experienced in archery and in war. Ganam (Park Jeong-hak) is a loyal warrior of Choi Jung’s, equiped with a massive broad sword, he seems unstoppable.

The group comes across a troop of Yuans who have captured the Ming princess Pu Yong (Zhang Ziyi). The group saves the princess from the Yuan General, Rambulhua (Yu Rong-Guang). The Yuans retreat after a fierce battle for the princess. But the General makes a blood promise to return the princess to the Ming camp… Read the rest of this entry »

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