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Podcast On Fire 168: Hong Kong Horror Month – The Rape After & Possessed


Welcome to Hong Kong Horror Month, our October Extravaganza celebrating Hong Kong horror of the 80s! Our Halloween month if you will. Horror from Hong Kong in particular from the early 80s gave us some of the most intense and nastiest exercises in that genre ever so in this series in all simplicity, we thought it’d be nice to review and discuss some during this horror month of the year. With Kenny B is friend and writer/director John Chance who talks of his filmmaking background, love for horror and the upcoming Indiegogo campaign for his horror movie The Rectory (previously known as Something Like a Phenomenom) before the duo reviews Tom Lau’s 1983 haunted statue movie The Rape After. In the second half, John’s wife Camie Chance recalls the days of discovering horror movies before taking a trip into haunted house/vengeful spirit/Poltergeist rip off known as Possessed from director David Lai.

Contact the show via email at podcastonfire at, on our Facebook page and Facebook group (NEW) or Twitter (@podcastonfire, @sogoodreviews) and SUBSCRIBE to our iTunes feed. Music courtesy of Brian Kirby ( whose awesome clothing line you can find at We are also featured on All Things Film, a collection of like minded Film, Cinema, TV, Geek and Cult Podcasts.

Running Times:
00m 00s  – Intro/ John Chance interview/THE RECTORY background, Indiegogo campaign pitch
41m 58s  – The Rape After review
83m 50s  – Camie Chance interview
105m 30s – David Lai biography
120m 15s – Possessed review

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The Expendables behind-the-scenes Footage!

With the Jet Li special only a few days away, I thought it would be good timing to show you some behind the scenes footage from the latest Jet Li movie – “The Expendables“. Who else is really excited about this movie? Look out for our Members Only conversation from Episode 45, keep an eye out for the “artists” of the audio file, it was injected with pure muscle!

Is it just me or does Stallone just remind me of that mate from college who’ll never settle down and you’ll meet him in a pub years later looking a little pruned and is still able to pull catchpharses like “That’s Sex!” and “I’m grabbing my dick, you’re grabbing my arm… now work it”.

Good times…

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