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Podcast on Fire 77: Jackie Chan Special 1983-89

Stoo hosts the second part of our four part Jackie Chan Special. Joining him we have James Aylmore and POF12 guest - Mike Maley. We have a good banter discussing two of Jackies highly rated movies from the eighties; Project A and Police Story. We then continue to briefly discuss the rest of Jackies career between 83 to 89. Upon our original recording of this episode we also provide discussion on a third movie; Miracles. The Miracles discussion is only available in the MEMBERS ONLY portion of the forum as well as 30 minutes extras content. Just a FREE registration away!

Hard Revenge Milly Bloody Battle (2009)

Country: Japan Genre: Action/Gore Cast: Miki Mizuno, Mitsuki Koga, Nao Nagasawa Hard Revenge Milly Bloody Battle or HRM2 as I shall call it from herein, is a sequel to HRM1 as you can guess. The basic premise is someone who loved the protaganist from HRM1 is out for revenge and on top of that Milly is helping another young woman (whom in my opinion is badly dressed for battle) get revenge. It all helps dig in the mantra of revenging your loved ones will create an endless cycle of revenge. Unlike it’s predecessor HRM2 is a bit longer and lasts just over one hour. Which in the end means a bit more talking, but don’t worry the violence is still there. Personally, I found this not so fun. The elements are there, but in films like this you only really care about the action. It reminded me a lot of Azumi where the characters tlak about the wrongs of killing and then go on a killing spree. Try not to let that spoil your enjoyment as the action really is an improvement upon the first and it’s flipping impressive when you compare to the other over the top gore flicks which just uses a pretty face to stand and barely do anything. I won’t spoil it too much for you, but I will let you know that it is still a fun film. New ways to killing and there is even a brief glimpse of sodomy. This is definitely worth seeing and I’m rather anxious to see the third instalment coming soon (hopefully).

Hard Revenge Milly (2008)

Country: Japan Genre: Action/Gore Cast: Miki Mizuno, Tetsuya Nakamura, Hiroshi Ohguchi Hard Revenge Milly is yet another over the top Japanese gore flick. This one coming from the cine-asia label made me so curious about what this would be like. Like most films of this genre this is short (runs in at mere 40 minutes). But don’t be turned off it simply means you get a lot less faffing about and more action. Because let’s face it the non action pieces from these films aren’t the most exciting and this film didn’t have the budget of Tokyo Gore Police or Machine Girl so they put all the energy into the main part. The story follows the adventure of Milly. A woman who saw her husband and new born child get tortured to death by a gang who are quite sadistic. After being stabbed way too many times more than I care to count, the majority of her body is replaced by mechanical parts (including a shotgun in the knee). After lots of training she goes to get her revenge. The action scenes are rather impressive and a lot of work went into them. Nothing weird here just regular people going one on one and getting seriously cut in the process. I don’t want to spoil too much. I’m not a really big fan of these which is strange as I often end up watching them. Hard Revenge Milly left me rather impressed and deserves a rewatch in the future I think.

Rain Fall (2009)

Country: Japan/Australia Genre: Action/Thriller Cast: Kippei Shiina, Gary Oldman, Kyoko Hasegawa Rain Fall is your typical American action thriller, only it isn’t. It’s set entirely in Japan and most of the cast are Japanese too. It follows CIA hitman John Rain (Kippei Shiina) trying to protect the daughter of his last target from various shady types. Sadly this film just didn’t do it for me. The first hour was very well made. You got the scene where someone is followed. You got cops with weird hobbies (notably looking at hotel lobby ceilings). It is your typical action thriller in that aspect. You got the scene where the hero talks about his childhood and reveals his isn’t quite so cold. Plus all those other scenes you expect from this type of film. Rain Fall gets off to a very good start with enough story, action and suspense to make you want to keep watching. However, it loses it towards the end. For those not in the know this is based on a novel by Barry Eisler and several changes has been made to the charcter so novel purists will most likely be outraged. As I was saying, being based on a novel the film would last for many hours if it used every scene in the book so a lot has to be cut I imagine (if you have read the novel then feel free to correct me if I am wrong). This in my humble opinion explains the sudden degradation of the film towards the end. The actors all do a superb job, the action scenes are satisfactory, the parts without action kept me interested until the end. This is worth a watch I think but don’t go in with too high hopes and you shouldn’t be too disappointed. My only other gripes are the phonetic English spoken by most of the Japanese actors makes them hard to understand and Gary Oldman is underused. If you got someone as big as him in your film you should use him more. He was wasted in this I think. Overall Rain Fall is a satisfying enough experience.

Fist Of Legend (1994)

Genre: Martial Arts/Historical Cast: Jet Li, Chin Sui-Ho, Shinobu Nakayama For those of you who aren’t in the know about this already. I shall tell you. Fist of Legend is a politically correct remake of Fist of Fury. Only main difference being that some of the Japanese characters aren’t evil and there is a bit more of a story to it. Despite flopping at the box office and making less than half than Fong Sai-Yuk did. It is definitely one the better Jet films made. Gordon Chan has done a simply superb job with the sets used and the pace at which the films move. Rarely films dedicated to action have such neat stories to go with them. (Another reason why I like this) It isn’t perfect as it is rather script driven and doesn’t really use character development too well. But, if you’re watching this for the story, then you are watching the wrong film. Despite that the cast is solid and they earn their paychecks. Yasuaki Kurata and Shinobu Nakayama (her from the Gamera series) all help to keep it flow. Chin Sui-Ho also does a brilliant job as he struggles with his feelings of admiration and envy. For Jet Li, the film was a milestone in his career. Being 1994 he was quickly being typecast as hero in wire-fu film. This was the first grounded piece he made since 1989. Any HK film fan will know what followed after this. Overall the action is grounded, although Yuen Woo-Ping does make good use of wires to keep very thing looking much better and keeping the sense of disbelief that most normal people have when watching these types of films. Overall it’s a great film. But you should know this already by now.

Podcast on Fire Christmas Special

"It's the Christmas Special and we're down at the Podcast On Fire "pub" to partake in a quiz as orchestrated by Lord Quizmaster Mike"

All the hosts and staff at Podcast on Fire wish you and everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Podcast on Fire 63: An Evening with Stoo & Jim

teaandbLooks lovely eh? Get's me in the Christmas mood!

When the Magnificent Trio went to form @ POF HQ, it turned out it was just Stoo! So Stoo enlisted James Aylmore as guest host the show for a change! It turns out that Ken's chasing Kaiju and Mike was catching up on some homework. Cheeky Buggers!

We discuss last movies watched, which turns into a mini Japan on Fire.

The main of the show is our discussion of the news regarding Cine-Asia striking a deal with Dragon Dynasty. Tune in and Contact us!

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