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Tag: In The Line of Duty 4

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 55: In The Line Of Duty 4 & First Option

Wong or Wrong is over. Bonus content isn’t as we take a look at In The Line Of Duty 4 with Michael Wong alongside the daredevil and asskicking duo Cynthia Khan and Donnie Yen and First Option from 1996 which extends Michael’s comfort and familiarity in the SDU role and movie. With Kenny B and Phil G.

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Podcast On Fire 175: In The Line of Duty 4: Witness & Special ID


Stoo and Andy return! This week we hosted a “Donnie Double”, comparing IN THE LINE OF DUTY 4: WITNESS from 1989 and SPECIAL ID from 2013! We laughed, we cried and best of all, we podcasted it so you can hear it! Listen to Andy forget about films he just watched and listen to me babble on and annoy Andy with silly nicknames!

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