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Tag: Heart of the Dragon

Podcast On Fire 209: Heart Of Dragon & Invincible Shaolin


Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan do drama and pickaxes to stomachs in Heart Of Dragon and we check in on Shaw Brothers, Chang Cheh and the performing troupe known as The Venoms for their third appearance together in 1978, this time in Invincible Shaolin. With Kenny B and Mike Maley.

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Heart of the Dragon (1985)


Fung Tat (Jackie Chan) is a police officer who dreams of becoming a sailor for the navy and see the world. The only thing holding him back is older brother, Danny (Sammo Hung), nicknamed Do-Do. Do-Do is mentally ill, he is at the physical age of 30 although his mind is probably at the age of a ten year old. Do-Do spends most of his times getting up to some wild and wacky schemes with his four friends (all kids).

One day Fung gets promoted to CID and poor Do-Do gets in trouble in a restaurant, locking himself in a freezer after not being able to pay the bill. As you can tell Fung’s career is always being held back by his brother. Although he is dating a young woman Jenny (Emily Chu), Fung’s mates think he killing two birds with one stone, proposing to Jenny and pursuing his career as a sailor, leaving Jenny with Do-Do. Read More