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Taiwan Noir 31: Fearless Fighters & Dynasty

Kung-fu makes a splash in America via Bruce Lee, via King Boxer but a Taiwanese Wuxia from 1971 unexpectedly dazzled audiences as well. Armed with an array of deadly kung fu killers and a promotional campaign for the ages, in 1973 Fearless Fighters came to America. Also, kung fu cinema in the third dimension in 1977’s Dynasty. With Kenny B and Todd Stadtman.

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro/Fearless Fighters background.
21m 58s – Fearless Fighters review
46m 42s – Dynasty, 3D background, Dorian Tan biography
58m 53s – Dynasty review

Show Links:

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Taiwan Noir 5: Last Breath/Jungle Heat

Wargore, Flash Gordon, Flash Legs and Taiwanese gangster action that thinks it’s Once Upon A Time In China. Listen in to hear Kenny B and John Charles discuss the two edits of the same production and talk of their respective Shanghai actioners picked for Last Taiwanese Movies Watched.

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro/ Dorian Tan bio/discussion
24m 50s – Chin Han bio/discussion
28m 30s – Sam Jones bio/discussion
37m 12s – Last Breath/Jungle Heat Review
77m 30s – Last Taiwanese Movies Watched

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