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Tag: Confession Of A Concubine

This Week In Sleaze 52: Confession Of A Concubine & Vulgaria

Adding to the list of Category III movies about making Category III movies, only one of our movies this week cover this criteria but they are connected! 1976’s Confession Of A Concubine is a fairly obscure period erotica with elements later seen in A Chinese Torture Chamber Story but the true connection to 1976 is 2012’s Vulgaria from director Pang Ho-cheung. He centers his plot about remaking/making a sequel to the 1976 movie and thus, we cover both.

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Running times:

00m 00s – Intro/Confession Of A Concubine review
39m 49s -Pang Ho-cheung biography/discussion
49m 55s –Vulgaria review

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