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Tag: Beast Cops

Podcast On Fire 301: Beast Cops & Miles Apart

Michael Wong becomes part of Best Picture history at the Hong Kong Film Awards with Beast Cops. Also, he takes charge of his filmmaking destiny by directing a movie. On the hunt for VCD bootleggers and drug dealers, we discuss Miles Apart from 2000. With Kenny B and Phil G of Eastern Film Fans.

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Running Times:

00m 00s – Intro/Beast Cops production background
26m 48s – Beast Cops review
64m 28s – Miles Apart review

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Commentary On Fire 11: Nobody’s Hero (1989)

Watch and listen along as Ken, Tom and David take a deeper look at one of the undiscovered, well thought out underdog stories to come out of Hong Kong cinema. Prepare for a comedian turned serious actor in the role of a lifetime, drills and wicked headshots.

For those without the dvd, the commentary is available timed to video, via this playlist link or the video below:


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