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Tag: 97 Aces Go Places

Podcast On Fire 227: Mummy Dearest & 97 Aces Go Places


We continue to ask ourselves: Team Tam or not Team Tam? Welcome to Podcast On Fire and the Alan Tam Crapping Hour. As for the first movie up for review, Mummy Dearest is a lesser known Ronny Yu movie where Tam plays a serial killer. Also in the second half, the Aces Go Places formula or franchise comes back for air in 97 Aces Go Places. Is it a breath of fresh air? Well Alan Tam plays dual roles so make of that what you will. With Kenny B as always to discuss all things Team Tam or not Team is Eastern Film Fans head honcho Phil G.

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97 Aces Go Places (1997)

Plot (Universe): Man Ling (Christy Chung) conned two million dollars from Big Brother Lui (Francis Ng) in a dirty deal. Lui then ordered to have Ling killed. Ling escaped from the fight.

Meanwhile, Philag (Alan Tam) was a kind and righteous student studying law in the States. He was expected to help his father to do illegal business. His father was killed during a transaction which also involved Ling. Philag needed to go back to Hong Kong to tend to his father’s business and root out the murderer. Read More