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Tag: 2005

Danny the Dog (2005)

Plot: Glasgow gangster Bart (Bob Hoskins) is one of the deadliest debt collectors in town, do you know why? He has his own enforcer – Danny (Jet Li).

When customers refuse to pay Bart, Bart unleashes Danny and Danny would beat everyone one to death until his master tells him to stop. But recently Danny seems a little off and is proving less and less helpful to Bart as he’s failed to help him in some sticky situations. Read More

House of Fury (2005)


Plot: Former secret agent Yue Siu-Bo (Anthony Wong) is now retired and now lives his life as a chiropractor. One day he is confronted by a wheelchair bound man called Rocco (Michael Wong), Rocco suffers from a severed spine which paralyzed his body and this was done deliberately when he was on a mission for the CIA. His mission was to assassinate terrorists who bombed a hotel in the Philippines. What he didn’t know is that an Chinese agent by the name of ‘Tai Chi-Lung’ was sent to stop him. Crippled by Tai Chi-Lung, Rocco seeks revenge on his crippler and he belives that Siu-Bo know’s where he’s hiding. Siu-Bo plays the fool and tells Rocco he’s got the wrong guy. Rocco leaves but he warns him that ‘he’ll be back’.

Instead of Rocco returning four of his kung fu fighting henchmen appear in his absence and deliver a firm ass kicking the secret agent. Now kidnapped his two children, Nicky (Stephen Fung) & Natalie (Gillian Chung) must find a way to save their father. Read More

Crazy N the City (2005)


Plot: Crazy N’The City is the story of two street cops and a middle aged man who has lost his sanity.

Set in Wan Chai the two street cops are the stiff Chris Chan (Eason Chan) and the over enthusiastic newbie cop, Manly (Joey Yung). Chris’s ambition as a police constable has worn out over the past seven years, he has became lazy towards his duty and basically fed up with his job. He is teamed up with the newest addition to the police force – Manly. Manly has just been transferred from a small village town to the big city and is more than excited to be there. With this new lease on life, you’d think some of it would rub off on old grumpy Chris? It doesn’t.

Shing Wong (Francis Ng) is the local mad-man in Wan Chai. Shing lost his sanity when his business went bankrupt, his wife had a miscarriage loosing their expected twin daughters and as well as running up some large debt with the local loan sharks. With his near suicide attempt he now lives with his sister, Rachael (Kara Hui). Living above their flat is Phoebe (Meng Zhang) a another village girl to whom has moved to the city to run a massage parlor although most of her customers are wanting a little more ‘bang’ for their buck. Shing finds himself admiring the lovely young phoebe and a unique relationship forms between the two.

These three characters lives are rocked when a mysteriously killer dubbed ‘The Rainy Murderer’ begins killing various young women in the district known as Wan Chai… Read More

A.V. (2005)


Plot: Chi-On (Lawerance Chou), Fatty (Jeffery Chow), Band Aid (Derek Tsang) and Jason (Wong Yau-Nam) are four university students who spend their days playing various sports and hanging around cafes. One day they are told one of their buddies ‘Lok’ (Tsui Tin-Yau) has been kicked out of the university. The four friends find out that Lok, who was film student, had convinced a beautiful young student to star in his movie, the movie consisted of him and her, making out in a elevator. Lok was manipulating hot girls into making out with him. The four friends figure out that this is actually a really good idea, Lok’s films he just lies back and lets the girl kiss him, no more. The four decide that they should make a movie where the woman will go all the way with them.

The four teenagers managed to raise enough cash (from student loans and government grants) to higher a Japanese AV Actress (Porn Star). They’ll convince her and her manager that they produce pornographic films and they want their Japanese actress to star in them. But they are only wanting sleep with this Japanese porn star. Naughty Naughty! Read More

2 Young (2005)


Plot: The life’s of two young teenagers – Fu (Jaycee Chan) and Nam (Fiona Sit) lives could be more different. Fu comes from a poor working class family, his mother work two jobs, his father works as a mini bus driver and yet they could only afford to life in a small flat in a large tenement building. Where as Nam is the daughter of a wealthy barrister, he and his wife spend all their time away on business leaving Nam in the care of their servants.

Both of their lives suddenly change when they begin dating. Nam’s parents disapprove of Fu thinking that he’s only after one thing. Yet the opposite happens Fu introduces Nam to his parents, they are so proud that their son has found a lovely young lady to court.

When Fu and Nam go camping to celebrate the new year and they both get drunk. One thing leads to another and Nam falls pregnant. As you can expect both families are furious at them. Nam’s father orders her to move to America and have an abortion, but she refuses. Both Nam and Fu decide to run away and attempt to live life on their own without support from their families. With money running low and Nam getting more pregnant by the day you can tell right away this wont be easy. Read More