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From Rags to Riches (1980)

Plot (Deltamac): Ricky (Ricky Hui) and Fatso (Johnny Koo) are friends in need. They are in dire need of money since they are only paid slave wages at the bottling factory.

However, they become millionaires overnight after buying a winning lottery ticket. During one of their swingin’ nights on the town, Ricky is suddenly attacked by an upset stomach; and in no time, a quack doctor diagnoses the seizure as terminal cancer.

Ricky seriously considers suicide. But he is appalled by the drawbacks inherent in the available methods of doing himself in–primarily the pain! It is on a rooftop from which he is supposed to make a plunge that he saves a poor man from suicide by giving the latter all the money he has.

In gratitude, the newly rich man promises to hire a killer to finish off his suffering benefactor… Read the rest of this entry »

Battle Creek Brawl (1980)

Jerry Kwan (Jackie Chan) is a small time martial arts expert who gets into some trouble with the local gangsters, now after kidnapping uncle/martial arts teacher Herbert (Mako Iwamatsu). Jerry is told that he must loose his fight in the final stages of the Texas Battle Creek Brawl against the meanest fighter around, The Kiss (H.B. Haggerty).

Jackie Chan’s debut to the American audience. When finding out that Robert Clouse was the director of Battle Creek Brawl, I was expecting a sort of Enter The Dragon theme about it. Sure both of them have tournaments, but Enter The Dragon seems more impressive. Read the rest of this entry »

The Young Master (1980)


Plot (HKL Edition): When two rival martial arts schools square off in an annual lion dance competition, the favorite, betrayed by their star pupil, Tiger (Wei Pei), exits in disgrace. When Tiger is expelled and joins up with a notorious gang of criminals, led by feared kicking expert Master Kim (Wong In-sik), Dragon (Jackie Chan) embarks on a dangerous mission to bring his brother back to the school. Unfortunately, the situation is further complicated when he is mistaken for his criminal brother, and must fight to clear his name, while continually on the run from both the local police and the criminal gang.

Unknown to Dragon, the ultimate challenge awaits him: a deadly one-on-one encounter with the formidable Master Kim. Filled With intricate, masterfully – choreographed action sequences, clever sight-gags and fluid camerawork, this timeless classic broke all Hong Kong box-office records on its original theatrical release, and is still today, one of the top-grossing Jackie Chan movies of all time!! Read the rest of this entry »

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