DVD Review – Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)

Set before the insidious events of the Lambert family, we’re told the story of Elise Rainiers (Lin Shaye) involvement with the Brenner family. The family is made up of a widowed father (Dermot Mulroney) and his teenage children, Quinn (Stefanie Scott) and Alex (Tate Berney). The story focusses around the older daughter Quinn and her continual believe that her mother is trying to contact her from the other side.

Quinn seeks out Elise to see if her physic talent could be enough to make contact with her mother. Although it’s not Quinn’s mother that’s there it’s someone else, someone desperate and sick. In a cruel twist of fate Quinn is struck by a car and left bed-bound, luckily for her new found admirer plans on keeping her company.

Insidious actor Leigh Whannell becomes the triple threat in his directing debut as well as writer and producer for Insidious: Chapter 3. To be honest, now I’ve seen I found myself enjoying it more than expected and more enjoyable than the second film.

I love the bed bound element of story, that adds a high level of claustrophobia to Stefanie Scotts character as she’s being stalked by this demon known solely as the The Man Who Can’t Breathe. I was glad that they broke away from the Darth Maul style demon, makes complete sense since they’ve not reached the Lamberts yet.

The design of The Man Who Can’t Breathe is great, the oxygen mask that seems to have his decaying skin growing over it, his skeleton thin frame and the sickly liquid gargling sounds of his breathing will put the frighteners up you.

My favourite scene in particular with the demon is when he’s flung Quinn from her bed and the camera is fixed on Quinn on the bedroom floor, the simple touches of seeing the demon walking slowly around the room drawing the curtains, closing the door and lastly closing the laptop before attacking the girl just made me ill.

The Insidious: Chapter 3 DVD comes with a nice collection of special features, we’ve got segments covering everything from the high school indy rock band that produced the creepy song for the film to a psychic medium wondering around a hotel telling us what he sees. No, I’m not shitting you. Other features include segments on the make-up/costume design, the car crash stunts and a nice in-depth 20 minute making of.

The DVD also comes with three deleted scenes totalling to around 5-6 minutes fleshing out some scenes like Quinn and her friend racking through her dads wardrobe, Quinn being checked up in hospital and Specs & Tucker explaining their backstory to the Brenners.

The acting isn’t amazing, but really it’s not the reason why we’re watching this movie. Overall Insidious: Chapter 3 it’s not over-long and it’s actually a pretty decent film if you enjoy the antics of Specs & Tucker meeting Elise and forming their Scoobie Do gang!