FAS254 – The Films of 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! Stoo, Magic Mike, ma bairn Cameron and the cats show up to talk Cinema! Be warned that we will spoil a majority of the films discussed. Tune in to find out our Top 5 Films, What we’re looking forward too and paying respect to those who passed. Enjoy folks, see you in Chanuary!

FAS216 – The Oscars 2019 – Predictions!

Stoo, Andy and Magic Mike have a gander at the nominations from the 91st Academy Awards happening this Sunday. This is part one of FAS216 – the discussion got length so it was only right to chop this into two parts. #oscars

EP 184 – Off Season – Downsizing, Birth of the Dragon and Black Panther

Stoo and Mike reunite after their holidays and catch up on what films they’ve been watching. They discuss the Edinburgh International Film Festival programme, answer Questions on Twitter and there’s even ‘mare on Patreon.