FAS253 – Bloodsport (1988)

Stoo and Mikey celebrate Jean Claude Van Damme’s 60th birthday by reviewing his breakout role as FRANK DUXES in BLOOOOOOOOOOOODSPORT! KUMITE! KUMITE! KUMITE!

As well as reviewing Bloodsport, we discuss recent trailers including; JU JITSU and FATMAN! We also talk JCVD’s Top 5 movies AND his most underrated roles.

FAS251 – The Long Good Friday (1980) and Mona Lisa (1986)

Stoo and Mike return to tells of tales of troubled Gangsters and Beauty and the Beast wi a tall thin black tart 😐

FAS250 – The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Dressed to Kill (1980) and Stir Crazy (1980)

Stoo and Magic Mike celebrate episode 250 with a triple bill of movies hitting their 40th anniversary this year. Enjoy!

00:12:25 – Empire Strikes Back Review

00:53:50 – Dressed to Kill Review

01:41:45 – Stir Crazy Review

FAS249 – Off Season – Lockdown Edition (Skyfall, Extraction)

Oi, Oi! Look who’s here then? Aye, me and Mikey got on Messenger and talked films for a few hours – fancy a listen then? We discuss what we’ve been up to since February, Oscar reactions, Covid-19, missing Cinemas and what we’ve been watching – AND MUCH MORE 😉

  • 00:28:40 – What have we been watching?
  • 01:05:00 – What have we’ve been buying?
  • 01:13:45 – What do we do for FAS250 / Films & Swearing Watch Along
  • 01:21:05 – Twitter Questions
  • 01:28:00 – Post Show Discussion (Video Games, WWE etc.)

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