Blu-Ray Review – Train to Busan (2016)

All aboard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa! South Korean director Yeon Sang-ho delivers an aggressive jolt of suspense and horror with his first live action feature; Train to Busan.

Focusing on thoughtless father Seok (Yoo Gong) and his daughter Su An, boarding the KTX train to Busan to reunite Su An with her mother. Meanwhile the streets of the city are ridden with riots, people viciously attacking one another with no cause behind the outbreak. When the final passenger boards the train and collapses stricken with a mystery virus – the passengers of the train soon find themselves fighting for their lives against a crazy of blood thirsty animalistic zombies!

The group of survivors include a colourful cast of characters including a pregnant couple – the hard knocks husband and his heavily pregnant gentle natured wife, a pair of elderly sisters and a young pair of star crossed lovers. Throw them into the mixture alongside a homeless dude and a fearful CEO businessman and we’ve got some drama! Whilst there is plenty of characters in the film, you’ll find yourself falling in love with some of them, these are some of the folk you want behind you in a zombie apocalypse, and then there’s some that actually more repulsive that the zombies!

When it comes to crunch/munch where our leads have to proceed from train car to train car to reunite themselves from their separated loved ones – this is where the film really comes to life for me. It is as if we’re watching a video game play out in front of you, watching the characters progress from level to level, how they overcome situations, who dies along way!

Another real surprise what the subplot of the change in the business class, that was horrifying to watch, I won’t give it away. But as the plot carries on and the terrific organ music blares – it’s crazy, absolute nuts.

The drama and the tension of the film is well deserving of its title as one of the biggest Asian Blockbusters we’ve seen in years. Yeon Sang-ho has gained my attention after previously dismissing it with The King of Pigs. Yes, I am now very interested in seeing if the animated sequel; Seoul Station will keep to the standard that Train to Busan has set.

Overall, Train to Busan is a total blast! Great cast of characters, nail biting tension and a train choked full of zombies! What more do you need other than a bowl of Cinema Sweat Popcorn, right? Chew-Chew!

Blu-Ray Extras 2/5

Train to Busan 5/5

Overall Score 7/10