DVD Review – Wolf Children (2012)

Wolf Children is the story a 19 year old university student called Hana whose life turns into a fable as she quickly falls in love with a werewolf. As the years pass the couple give birth to two children, an energetic daughter, Yuki and her timid younger brother Ame. The wolf children find themselves able to change from child into wolf as they desire.

At the sudden loss of their father, Hana and her children leave the city and move out into a rural countryside amongst the mountains. The story continues on with Hana’s struggle with raising the children and protecting their identity as they are introduced to the world.

Now you may think that I got a little in-depth with the plot there, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg! Wolf Children is a wonderful film from Mamoru Hosoda, the man behind Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Having only caught Girl… and upon watching trailer for Wolf Children, I knew this film was going to be a tear jerking, emotional rollercoaster. Hana’s English narration at the beginning of the film already left me with a lump swollen in my throat.

The film is a wonderful drama, you constantly feel your heartstrings being pulled as the children struggle to adapt in society and even when they start attending school. The characters are so kind hearted, seeing them suffer is tormenting.

The story itself is wonderful too! It’s not based on any novels or manga as far as I am aware – and I’m glad it didn’t attempt to be anime aimed towards the Twilight audience. My experiences in anime haven’t ventured further than the work of Satoshi Kon and of course Studio Ghibli – so that’s Hosoda 2/2 in my book! I think I’ll break the seal on my copy of Summer Wars very soon after this.

Wolf Children has received its UK release through Manga Entertainment releasing it on DVD and a beautiful collector’s edition Blu-ray set that includes additional discs and sketches from the film. The special features include a U.S. Actor & Staff Commentary, English Language Trailer, Stage Greetings, PR Video Director’s Version 01 and 02 as well as several trailers and teasers for the film.

Overall, Wolf Children is a definite buy! Anime fans will be on this quicker than a Pikachu Onesie! Trust me, this is a wonderful film.