Blu-ray Review – Sunshine On Leith (2013)

The plot of Sunshine On Leith follows the story of two Scottish boys, Ally (Kevin Guthrie) and Davy (George MacKay), returning to Edinburgh after a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Ally returns to his girlfriend, a nurse called Liz (Freya Mavor) who also happens to be Davy’s sister, and Liz introduces Davy to her work colleague Yvonne (Antonia Thomas) and the two start dating shortly… after a song or two.

We also follow the story of Liz and Davy’s parents, Rab and Jean (aye, this is awfully Scottish!). While preparing for their 25th Wedding Anniversary, Rab attends the funeral of a past lover and discovers that he has a 25 year old daughter. And as the story reaches the 25th Anniversary party, our story takes a turn for the worse, but in true Proclaimers fashion!

A little background: Sunshine On Leith is based on the 2007 stage musical featuring a soundtrack from The Proclaimers, Scotland’s favourite speccy twins from Auchtermuchty. This review may be a little biased – yes, I’m Scottish and this musical is set my favourite city, Edinburgh! Although saying that, the movie is fun but it is also testing at times.

The musical element to the film is a joy, the songs are great, in each musical scene everyone joins in a right “auld” sing song and it’s wonderful. The only downside to the film is the drama, it can be a little overbearing at times, Rab’s child from a past affair and his impending 25th Anniversary is dramatic in itself, but it’s taken one step further and it just spoils it. However, the film will win you over by the end, and the finale flash mob sequence in Princes Street to the tune of ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ is a genuine toe tapper!

The Special Features on the Blu-ray release are pretty thin, we’re given five deleted scenes lasting around 20 minutes, and the only scene of particular interest is the alternative ending, a budget ending I would expect, taking place in a hospital corridor rather than Princes Street, Edinburgh. We’re also treated to one additional scene featuring The Proclaimers themselves.

Overall Sunshine On Leith is a decent little musical and it’s a bonus if you’re Scottish!