Blu-ray Review – Delivery Man (2013)

Delivery Man is a film starring Vince Vaughn which is the remake of the French-Canadian movie Starbuck, which is based on a book! Sounds like it has more substance than the standard Vaughn outing? Lets find out.

David Wozniak (Vaughn) is the average American Joe, working as a delivery man for his family butcher. His girlfriend Emma is pregnant and he’s also being shaken down for $80,000 from loan sharks. When returning home one day he’s confronted by a lawyer who is representing a sperm bank who informs him that the donations he clocked in over his college days have gone on to father over 500 children. 142 of those children have come together with a class action lawsuit to reveal the identity of Starbuck, the alias David used when donating. He’s presented with the profiles of the 142 children he’s fathered and goes on a journey to look into their lives and finds himself acting as their guardian angel.

Vince Vaughn plays Vince Vaughn once again, but hell the story is actually rather good! It’s heart-warming and funny, the several young adults we’re introduced to playing Vaughn’s children make the film surprisingly more interesting. When it comes to the cast, Vaughn has a strong supporting crew including Chris Pratt (‘Parks And Recreation‘), Cobie Smulders (Avengers Assemble) and everyone’s favourite drunken uncle, Bobby Moynihan (‘Saturday Night Live‘). Pratt knocks it out the park as bumbling sidekick lawyer/ father of four wild children. Smulders isn’t focused on enough for my liking and ends up easily forgettable until the last ten minutes.

For the Blu-ray we’re given two sets of Special Features, one consists of cast interviews and a Blooper Reel that is pretty amusing. The other feature is just a deleted a scene. So it’s surprisingly slim pickings for this release. This is the type of content you would expect on the DVD, being grateful to the dying platform. It’s a shame really.

The film is a surprise, it’s better than the standard Wedding Crashers type comedy, yet the extra content lets it down.