DVD Review – Devil’s Tower (2014)

Devil’s Tower tells the story of Sarah (Roxanne Pallett), a young woman who is made homeless after a fight with her mother. The council gives her a flat in some rather ominous tenement block filled with squatters, thugs and a top floor that one shouldn’t tread upon.

A power cut strikes on the first night in her home which leads to the death of her next door neighbour’s husband. This could have been treated as a horrible accident, if it wasn’t for the previous murder/ suicide pact that happened the week before to the previous occupants of Sarah’s flat… (ooooh!). If that wasn’t bad enough she also befriends a squatter (Jason Mewes) who breaks into her flat! The American born hobo is known as Sid and they attempt to have a normal friendship, but when going to her neighbour’s party, the night turns into a bloodbath.

The buxom Roxanne Pallett stars in this low budget ‘gore-ror’ film alongside Kevin Smith’s sidekick Jason Mewes for a what seems to be the most fucked up after school special you’ll see in a long time. The supernatural presence in the film, this creature watching over them all just took me straight back to the days of watching ‘The Demon Headmaster‘ on BBC One! Although a third of the cast weren’t Page 3 models in white t-shirts drenched in blood.

The short running time of this film could be its saviour; it’s only on for 1 hour and 20 minutes which helps since the film comes with minimal acting. It isn’t until the last twenty minutes where the film stops focusing on several couples attempting to bonk in the one bedroom in an empty building and the partygoers go apeshit and become bloodthirsty, rage-filled monsters straight out of a Danny Boyle film.

On a positive note this film is a little independent achievement, they seemed to have gotten away with a lot for a film with little to no-budget.