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Take our Jet Li survey

In the near future we’re going to record a episode dedicated to Jet Li.

So during the show we’re going to be reading out a top 10 all time favorite Jet Li movies, as chosen by the fans. So this is you chance to choose your favorite Jet Li movies!

Just take a minute and glance through our survey and tick as much as your heart can desire; … d1UQ_3d_3d

Many Thanks!!!

Coming Soon; Japan on Fire

Good lord it has taken me a long f*cking time to get this website into gear, actually it’s not really went any further than you’ve last saw it.

I’m writing to tell you guys and gals to keep an eye out for our next podcast, entitled; Japan on Fire. Me, Ken and Mike have taken a plunge into Japanese Cinema and we’re bringing you a episode covering the movie genres J-Horror and Anime.

Podcast Archive

Caption: Stoo hard at work on the website

Download and listen to the brief upload clip clueing you people up. If you cant be arsed, the lost podcasts, episodes 1-35 can now be found in our Podcast Archive. Direct link below.

Podcast Archive;

Website Problems…hopefully it’s all fixed.

Hey everyone!

Yes the website died, but it’s back! Think of it as if we’re turning a new leaf! For the Better!!!!

I was updating the website’s WordPress and I think I’ve over written the wrong thing.

With the site going back up, we’ve lost all the podcasts on iTunes :( the only way to get them on after posting them all on the site again, but then the next time a suscriber logs onto his iTunes, he’s gonna find 35 new downloads clogging up his Downloads.

So I will archive everything from 2007-Christmas 2008 and keep that on a page on the website where users can download the shows at thier lesure.

So keep an eye on the site, we are still alive!

Hit up the forum if you want some more answers

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The Podcast On Fire Network aims to provide a large, continually expanding overview of Asian cinema. On the flagshow Podcast On Fire, the big guns out of Hong Kong cinema gets a spotlight through discussion and review while the remainder of the network shows gives you insight into Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese cinema and the history of adult oriented Hong Kong cinema!

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