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VCinema: Legend of Kamui in San Francisco, CA

The VCinema podcast are holding a film screening next Friday in San Francisco at the Viz Cinema. They are showing the live-action manga flick; Kamui: The Lone Ninja. My review of the movies on the site if your interested. Anyway if you want more concrete details, VCinema have your back.

Attend the London Premier of “Big Tits Zombie”

Joey Terracotta has been busy working on Terracotta Distributions latest title; Big Tits Zombie. The Prince Charles Cinema in London are holding the first 3D UK Screening of the movie! If the title doesnt explain enough here’s the plot;

Five bored strippers, working in a quiet club, stumble across a secret passageway in their dressing room, leading to the basement and The Well of the Dead and The Book of the Dead.

They read the incantations from the book out loud and unknowingly, unleash the army of the Undead on the world! Armed with swords and chainsaws and their kick-ass fighting moves, only THEY can stop the zombie army now!

All the details regarding the first screening are on Facebook (direct link). Joey has been a gem and sent us some exclusive screen caps from the movie, to view these images click -> Read the rest of this entry »

Dream Home getting UK DVD & Theatrical Release!

Network Releasing are little gems by buying all the UK rights to Pang Ho-Cheungs “Dream Home”. You will be familiar with the show that both Me and Ken are huge PHC fans! Here’s a quote from our source;

The UK independent has set 12th November 2010 for the film’s UK theatrical release and acquired the film in a deal with Fortissimo Sales.

If you can’t wait to see the movie, it is being showing at the Film4 Fright Fest!

Goemon dazzling Selected Cinemas!

Casshern director Kazuaki Kiriya has returned with visually stunning Goemon. Momentum  Pictures noticed this and are now planning a UK release for “Selected Cinemas”, boo. For the lucky “Selected” people will be released on 23rd July 2010! So this is obviously leading to a UK DVD/BL release later this summer. If you aren’t familiar with Goemon or Casshern, here’s the best 4 minutes out of the 142.

Bodyguards and Assassins UK DVD/BR Release Date

Epic martial arts blockbuster; Bodyguards & Assassins is lined up for a UK DVD & Blu-Ray Release at the end of this month. With no news yet on Special Features, E1 Entertainment will release the movie on DVD @ £12.99 and Blu-ray @ £19.99 on 31st May 2010. We will have a full review of the movie online hopefully within the next week, so stay tuned! Can’t wait til then? B&A will be getting a shown at The Prince Charles Cinema, London, from 15th May

Thai “Fireball” flick hitting UK Cinemas this month!

We got contacted over the holidays that extreme Thai Martial Arts flick “Fireball” is not only coming out on DVD (as we reported last year), the movie is also getting a Limited Cinema release. Quoted As;

Eschewing plot complexities in favour of all-out action sequences, Fireball combines the breakneck paced sport of basketball with the bone crushing brutality of Muay Thai fighting and mixed martial arts for an action movie experience quite unlike any other.

We’ve listed the cinemas and full details in the provided links; Prince Charles Cinema – LondonLeicester Phoenix, Sheffield Showroom, The Roxy – London, Genesis Cinema – London and Quinton Cinema Birmingham.

Like me, you don’t live in London, you can pick up the DVD which is due for release on 18/01/2010.

Fingers crossed we will have reviews up on the site and maybe a competition!

Stay tuned!

Breathless released theatrically January 2010

Terracotta Distribution at set to release Yang Ik-June’s “Breathless” in theaters across the United Kingdom in January 2010. The blurb that came with the press kit;

Breathless_mainThe winner of numerous international film awards in 2009, including the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Jury Prize for Best Film and Best Male Performance at Montreal’s Fant-Asia Film Festival and the Best Film award and Critics’ Prize at the Deauville Asian Film Festival, the debut feature from South Korean writer-director and star Yang Ik-june, BREATHLESS is a brutal, uncompromising and profanity-filled look at the cause and effect of domestic violence. Out in cinemas nationwide from 29th January 2010

Giving a stunning performance in the film’s lead role, Yang Ik-june stars as Sang-hoon, a deeply troubled man prone to violent outbursts, who freelances as a hired thug at his friend’s debt collecting firm. His private life revolves around his extremely strained relationship with his ex-convict father, who was directly responsible for the tragic breakdown of their family, and a slightly more subdued, but still difficult, connection with his stepsister and her young son.

Seemingly possessed by the pent-up rage caused by the domestic events from his past, Sang-hoon finds an opportunity for salvation when he encounters a similarly emotionally damaged schoolgirl ((Kot-bi Kim), who is as foul-mouthed, headstrong and fearless as he is. The two begin an offbeat and touching friendship, not realising that their lives are already connected in ways that will have a profound effect on both their fates.

For those interested in this, here is the link to the teaser trailer; Click Here To me, I really didn’t think much of that teaser, but Terracotta have released good dramas in the past, for example the excellent; God Man Dog.

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