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The Top 50 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade (#10-01)

Ladies, Gentleman and Ken. Welcome to my top ten Hong Kong Movies of the last decade. The first four parts of the article can be found here; 50-41, 40-31, 30-21 and 20-11. So with no further waiting, please read the rest of my personal favourites and leave a comment. See you in 2010!

10. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

Everyone knew Stephen Chow was meant for better things when he released Shaolin Soccer to the world back in 2001. Just like everyone else we waited with baited breath to see what Mr. Chow was going to make next. When we got the final result in December 2004, it broke box office records! Kung Fu Hustle, set in Shanghai during the 1940s, Sing (Stephen Chow) is a wannabe gangster who pretends to be a member of the deadly “Axe Gang”. When attempting to scare the residents (led by Yuen Qiu and Yuen Wah) of an broken down old tenement building, the residents reveal their secret martial arts skills whilst defending their homes. My expectations for this movie were blown out of the water! Everything about this movie was awesome, the soundtrack, the characters, computer effects and lets not forget to mention the throwing knives-scene, which leads to the chase between Sing and the Landlady done in Looney Tunes-style! I still laugh my ass off every time I watch this movie, it has great replay value and I believe this isn't one of those movies only dedicated fans of the genre will enjoy. When attending a screening of the movie at my local cinema the full audience gave the movies a standing applause! The second I got the DVD I started giving out my copy to all my friends in college urging them to watch the movie and they were hooked! At the time of writing this, the movie is easily accessible in the United Kingdom on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download so there's no excuse not to see it!

09. Election (2005)

Legendary crime director Johnnie To introduces us to the dark and almost too real world of underground societies. An election amongst the triad society is held every two years to decide who the leader of the society is. Once the votes have been decided the victor receives the prized wooden dragon head baton, but jealousy can cause people to do terrible, terrible things. I had originally thought this movie was quiet naff because of its slow pace and confusing story (well it was for me). Three viewings later and now I get it! The movie has a slow build because it’s only really half the story. Yes we do see characters reach their boiling points in the later half of the film but damn I don’t want to go fishing in Hong Kong ever! Not even with monkeys! Johnnie To has done a stellar job with this movie, Simon Yam plays the cool, level headed boss where as Tony Leung is the wild one who doesn’t give a toss when it comes to double crossing his brothers! The characters of Nick Cheung and Louis Koo are mainly planted into this story so that they’ve grown enough to handle the sequel as the leading characters. Another thing I better mention, Wong Jing's dad is still alive!? Oh wait…

08. Rule Number One (2008)

Singaporean director Kelvin Tong director delivers a freaky flick that doesn't revolve around scary little Japanese children! Shawn Yue plays the normal run of the mill Hong Kong cop who after barely surviving a horrific incident is relocated to M.A.D (Miscellaneous Affairs Department). A department ran by a ballroom dino-dancer drunk with a past (played by a rather rough looking Ekin Cheng)! The movie is a dark, twisted and wonderfully weird buddy cop movie. After originally watching it, I had to either retell the tale to anyone that would listen or enlighten them by letting watch this magnificent movie. The movie proved successful for both leading actors who shared the Best Actor award at the 2008 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

07. Throwdown (2004)

Aaron Kwok stars in one of my all time favourite Johnnie To movies. The movie heavily focuses on Judo, the art of throwing your enemy across the room! It really does seem to have the “Everyone was Kung Fu fighting” feel to it, Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Louis Koo and everyone else seems to be dab hands at Judo too! For those not familiar with the plot, it’s the story of a former Judo champion (Koo) given a chance to redeem himself after meeting an inspiring competitor (Kwok) and an aspired singer (Cherrie Ying). You can’t help but love the work put into the movie, there is a great scene where our three leading characters are each having conversations with people at three different tables and they keep interrupting or butting in at other tables, very well filmed. Also the enthusiasm of Aaron Kwoks character is really amusing, there are some great scenes where he eyes up a bouncer and makes a bet that he could throw him in one move. Another great scene is when Kwok's character is injured; he begins to develop a one armed style of judo. Louis Koo also does a cracking job and jogs your memory that he is one of the biggest stars to come out of this decade. At first you think of his character as this throw-away drunk, not much acting prowess needed here, just lie around, throw up, stare at the camera with a glazed look of pity and remorse in your eyes etc but when his character is sobers up and stops getting his ass kicked by Aaron Kwok, he really does deliver!

06. Fearless: The Directors Cut (2006)

This movie is THE best period martial arts movie from this decade, starring Jet Li as Huo Yuan Jia. A talented and famous martial artist, after showing off a little too much, karma catches up with him. As you may have noticed I have chosen the directors cut over the original. The structure of the movie is far better, the time-line isn’t complicated and the movie even starts in present day with Michelle Yeoh before going back in time. Unlike the original release of the movie where we begin at the big fight tournament and then are taken back to his childhood, obviously that doesn’t make the movie any worse but I prefer this structure. The martial arts in the movie is awesome. Jet Li fights against various opponents with weaponry and the obvious highlight is Jet's battle against Japanese actor Shido Nakamura (the pair fight using the katana against the three section staff). The movie was obviously a great achievement since it earned several nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards (including Best Picture and Best Actor) it was voted as Jet Li's best movie on Podcast on Fire's Jet Li Special.

05. Crazy N'The City (2005)

My Wife is 18 director James Yuen delivers an excellent drama based around several characters living in Wan Chai. We have two young cops Chris, an old hand who has lost his career ambition and Manly, a young female who has just been transferred from her village to the city. The movie also stars Francis Ng, as Shing a mentally broken man who has no family, is in debt and has suicidal intentions. Also, did I mention that there is a dark subplot where serial killer who only comes out during the rain has begun killing innocent teenage girls!? This is easily my all time favourite Eason Chan movie, the scenes where he is teaching self defence to high school girls and he interacts with two of the girls leads to a shocking twist of events. This movie was a blind buy (my original interest in the movie was the brief appearance of Chin Kar-Lok), but man it was an amazing film and I’ve probably watched it 4 or 5 times since buying it originally. Other guest appearances include; Waise Lee, Alex Fong, Lam Suet, Hui Siu-Hung, Dick Liu and Sam Lee. This movie is really pleasant, shocking and damn right rewarding!

04. Beyond Our Ken (2004)

Definitely my current all time favourite movie from dark comedy director Pang Ho-Cheung (Men Suddenly in Black, Isabella). Our leading actresses include Gillian Chung and Hong Tao and our “Ken” is played by Daniel Wu. If you’re not familiar with the story; Cocktail waitress Shirley (Tao) is confronted by Chan (Chung), former girlfriend of her current partner Ken (Wu). Ken has ruined Chan's career by posting intimate nude photographs of her on the internet, causing her to loose her job as a school teacher. Shirley soon realizes her fate could also be in jeopardy as she has already posed in some rather compromising photographs. The two girls form a plan to delete the photos and plan sickly sweet revenge against Ken. Oh, but that is just the start of many, many twists in this road. The actresses are insanely talented as they are gorgeous, but one of the interesting facts coming out of this movie was only years later real nude photographs of Gillian Chung (and a few other big names) were leaked on the internet. It was the media scandal of the decade, which even caused Gillian to step away from the media spotlight for several months.

03. Infernal Affairs (2002)

I spent most of my time and money on Hong Kong classics such as Police Story, Pedicab Driver etc. I had never come across a current movie that was a true classic as soon as I finished it for the first time, Infernal Affairs became that classic. The story is about the triads planting a mole in the Hong Kong Police Force but the police have also put one of their best officers undercover amongst the triads. Both men need to seek out the moles amongst their respected societies. I didn’t give two hoots about the leading actors beforehand because I wasn’t familiar with them (Tony Leung? That’s the bloke from Island of Fire right?). A big shock for me when I first saw this movie was the fact that Eric Tsang was playing it straight. At that time to me, I always knew him playing characters such as the horny little idiot in My Lucky Stars or Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars. The big twists to this movie includes Anthony Wong’s character and the finale on the rooftop will stand out as one of the best moments in Hong Kong Cinema for many, many years to come. Worldwide, Infernal Affairs won over 23 awards (including Best Actor, Picture, Director, Best Supporting Actor) and it was quite obvious that movie impressed a lot of people! Heck, one of Hollywood’s most legendary directors; Martin Scorsese directed the remake of this movie with the cast of Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and the cussing’ Mark Wahlberg. The remake even earned four Oscars as well as 50 more awards worldwide.

02. Mad Detective (2007)

To me this is the finest Johnnie To movie, starring a Lau Ching-Wan who's resurrecting his career again. Everyone knows that Lau Ching-Wan is a great actor, it is easily proved with his award winning performance in My Name is Fame. Here he's teamed up with Andy On, a brilliant screen fighter, but his acting career hasn't gone any further than a bit part in To's Election 2. The movie focuses on schizophrenic, ex-police inspector (Lau), who solved his cases by re-enacting the crimes step by step, thus miraculously discovering the killer’s motives and proceeding to solve each case. He comes out of retirement to help a young rookie (On) solve a complex murder case involving another police officer (Lam) who is expected to have a extreme case multiple personality disorder. The movie does deserve two or three viewings as you discover some brilliant moments you might not have seen on your first viewing, especially during the last scene with all the broken mirrors.

01. Exiled (2006)

Ladies and gentlemen I give you my movie of the decade; Exiled... which is quite amusing since I really didn’t care for the first movie The Mission. On the verge of 1998, a group of hit men have been sent on a mission to track down one of their own men who deserted them in hope of start a new with his wife and child. When catching up with their old acquaintance, the group have split opinions whether to hand him over or let him and his family escape. Directed by Johnnie To and featuring a line up of Hong Kong cinemas top stars; Nick Cheung (recent Best Actor award winner for Beast Stalker), Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Simon Yam, Gordon Lam, Richie Jen, Roy Cheung and Lam Suet. The star potential could almost rival one of the Ocean movies (yes Lam Suet is obviously the Hong Kong equivalent of George Clooney). When it comes to the shootouts in this movie, they are awesome. No it’s not the case of six guys fighting an army of triads, we get these fast paced gun fights where everyone and their door get a piece of the action. Also, the last battle also includes a very unfortunate tin of Red Bull!

Thank you for reading.

The Top 50 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade (#20-11)

Now this is where the list gets serious. There might be a Donnie Yen or Ekin flick squeezed in the next twenty movies, but come on... I run this shit! The top of the countdown can be found here, then our countdown went through the 30s spots, here and last week I released a post consisting of a lot of Ekin/Donnie Flicks, which can be found here. The conclusion will be posted on 31st December, in time to welcome the new year.

20. AV (2005)

The storyline to this movie could easily be mistaken for the plot to American Pie 8 (seriously, hit up IMDB, I swear there are at least 6 now!), but director Pang Ho-Cheung delivers a dark, thought provoking and amusing comedy about a group of rowdy college students who creates a fake production company in order to make a Adult Video starring them and a Japanese porn star. The leading cast is largely unknown which really takes away any commercial feel it could have had to it but it would just be silly to have Nic Tse and Edison Chen (even though he’s lived this life already) running around chasing fanny.

19. 2 Young (2005)

Although the strong performances in this movie come from the on-screen parents played by Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang, Teresa Mo and Candice Yu,. Jaycee Chan and Fiona Sit took me by surprise with this heartwarming drama surrounding teenage pregnancy. Director Derek Yee supports the movie with his brother; David Chiang, Hui Siu-Hung and of course my favorite Chin Kar-Lok!

18. Election 2 (2006)

Another amazing movie, when I first saw the movie I thought to myself; "This is way better than the first movie". My mind has changed since then but that doesn't mean Election II is bad in the slightest. Louis Koo does a great job and as you can expect Simon Yam, Nick Cheung, Mark Cheng and Lam Suet all provide great performances also.

17. Ip Man (2008)

From the past decade, Ip Man is arguably one of the best period martial arts we’ve had. Donnie Yen plays the role of true martial arts master Grandmaster Yip Man, the same man who is responsible for teaching Bruce Lee martial arts. The movie shows the story of Ip Man going from riches to rags when the Japanese military occupy China. With furious martial arts sequences and one of Donnie’s best roles to date, Ip Man is clearly an excellent choice for the list. The supporting cast include; Simon Yam, Gordon Lam and Fan Siu-Wong! Also you’ll need to bring more than ten Japanese if you want to beat Donnie Yen. Wait... yeah a gun works too.

16. The Heavenly Kings (2006)

Daniel Wu delivers the most amusing mockumentary from the past decade (well out of the few that there is). Wu started off the project by forming a Cantopop Boy Band with fellow actors Andrew Lin, Conroy Chan and Terence Yin. Unfortunately they can't sing, they can't dance and they don't really like each other. The doc is really funny and amazing that some of this really happened, the band Alive was formed and a single was released to the public but everything was secretly staged for Wu's documentary.

15. My Name is Fame (2006)

This movie grabbed my attention as had this fictional character working in current Hong Kong cinema. This past star brushed shoulders with directors like Ann Hui and was probably drinking buddies with guys like Tony Leung Ka-Fai and Ekin Cheng. All stars mentioned do make cameo appearances playing themselves. Our leading character is played by Lau Ching-Wan, a popular actor who has starred in some right turkeys (The Shopaholics, Himalaya Singh etc.) and has never quiet achieved the Best Actor status in his career but everything turned around with this movie, it earned him the Best Actor Award in Hong Kong. It has a great story and the movie finished leaving me with a great feeling of satisfaction.

14. Men Suddenly in Black (2003)

With the plot of four men secretly planning on cheating on their partners when they're out of town, how could this not be in our list? Eric Tsang leads the group of wrong do'ers who plan on doing the dirty! This movie first introduced me to director Pang Ho-Cheung and it's easily the best introduction to this mans work with its leading cast and it's star spotting cameo appearances which include; Chin Kar-Lok, Alan Tam and Sammo Hung!

13. Infernal Affairs II (2003)

Okay, the first Infernal Affairs launched the careers of Andy Lau and Tony Leung for me. This sequel brought me attention to the up and coming stars as well as the wise veterans. Shawn Yue delivered a great performance and Edison Chen didn’t come off as an annoying twit. Anthony Wong and Eric Tsang were two of the coolest sons of bitches ever recorded on film. Oh lets not forget the seductively elegant Carina Lau! Great story, it brings more depth to the characters, it builds up the back-story and supplies you with enough ammunition to get the original movie a refresh look when re-watched.

12. One Nite in Mongkok (2004)

Derek Yee again claims his space in the top 50 with his gritty crime thriller One Nite in Mongkok. Daniel Wu plays a hitman from the mainland that saves street hooker Cecilia Cheung, creating a almost heartwarming relationship. When Wu's original objective comes back into perspective, man does it get bloody! The movie also focuses on a group of police officers (Alex Fong, Chin Kar-Lok etc.) on a case that is linked to Daniel Wu's character. Again oh, man this movie gets bloody! "I'll get the door for you!" 11. CJ7 (2008)

As you can expect most movies directed by Stephen Chow in the 00’s have turned out to be pure gold. CJ7 is no exception. Stephen brings us this heart warming comedy about a boy who lives with his dad in partly demolished flat. He doesn't have decent clothes, his shoes are in tatters... everyone knew a kid like that in school who was bullied by the spoiled brats etc. In this case the boy receives a gift from his father that actually turns out to be a alien from space which takes the form of a small dog like creature. This wee beastie is probably the most adorable thing you’ll ever see, its expressions are priceless, but when you find out the twist, get ready to turn from man to mouse in a flash! I wept like a wee girl! Such a great film! Very, very amazing film!

The Top 50 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade (#30-21)


We're at the half way mark. I've gotten my hoped for death threats, so these articles aren't a waste of time. If you haven't read the first part of this series of articles; Click Here and the second part can be found here; Click Here.

This part of the list has everything in it, Ekin Cheng! Donnie Yen! More Ekin and more Donnie! Find out were below.

30. Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)


The ultimate test for Donnie Yen/Wilson Yip fans, DY&WY originally brought us Sha Po Lang which was a great film, a great success and everyone loved it. When Dragon Tiger Gate came around, Donnie Yen was dolled up so much, it looked as if they were trying to make him look the same age as his co-stars; Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yue (who dons a silver wig and a dodge scar! I believe it was a hair-straightening accident.). For many people going to see this movie, I  bet that they were skeptical whether this movie would be any good or not. To be honest I have to say I fucking love this movie, the music, the camera work, the action sequences are brilliant, real adrenaline pumping stuff! When it comes to the fight scenes, it is exactly what you expect from a big box office comic book movie, lots of CGI, wires and hard landings! Shaw Brothers legend Chen Kuan-Tai also has a decent part in the film too!

29. It Had To Be You (2005)


When it comes to Ekin Cheng romantic comedies that actually have some heart and emotion to it, I'm all for it.  It Had To Be You delivers! Ekin Cheng and Karena Lam both have one thing in common, they are the both in relationships with married couples! Unfortunately the relationships of these pair of cheaters don't last.

This harmless romantic comedy also brings with it a great performance by Eric Tsang.

28. Born To Be King (2000)


Okay, I would to see how many people have just rolled their eyes after reading the title of this movie. Yes, a Young & Dangerous movie has made its way into the top 50. Stoo must have written this list! Fact is that Born To Be King is close to being one of the best Young & Dangerous movies made as well as the last Young & Dangerous movie to date. The story focuses on Jordan Chan’s character, who is one of the leading triads in Taiwan who is taking part in an arranged marriage to the daughter of Sonny Chiba, a leader of a very powerful group of Yakuza’s, thus creating a everlasting bond between the two societies. Ekin Cheng's character is mixed in with a failing relationship with Shu Qi when he discovers a woman who looks identical to his past girlfriend played by Gigi Lai. It’s awesome, you know it is.

protege27. Protégé (2007)

This film is evil man! Andy Lau plays a triad kingpin who is on the verge of retiring and Daniel Wu plays his protégé but he is actually an under cover cop ordered to take Lau down! Can’t help but love those cliche story-lines. The movie has many great scenes; Andy Lau in the cubicle at the end can shock you to the core and the crazy drugs bust where some poor bastards hand looses a fight against a hammer!

26. Seven Swords (2005)

Tsui Hark delivers what could be his first installment of the "Seven Swords" trilogy, set in 1600 Manchuria. The movie is a homage to Akira Kurosawas movie The Seven Samurai, one similarity being an epic running time (153 minutes of Donnie Yen, baby!) Donnie shares the spot light with fellow cast members Leon Lai, Charlie Yeung, Sun Hong Lei and Shaw Brothers legend Liu Chia-Liang. I can easily watch the last hour of the movie on rotation. Mmm...  fantasy battle sequences!

25. SPL (2005)


Wilson Yip makes a sure-bet with a hard hitting crime thriller starring hard boiled cop Donnie Yen going against stone cold triad kingpin Sammo Hung! It is a dream movie for some and for me!

The movie has a great assassin/revenge stylized storyline. The movies action is crazy, it’s the closest Hong Kong Cinema has gotten to if you had to compare the hard hitting action to the movies Tony Jaa is starring in. The battle between Donnie Yen and Wu Jing with the police baton is crazy! The finale duel between Donnie and Sammo is hardcore! This movie easily earns a spot in the top 50.

24. Shaolin Soccer (2001)


After my first year of collecting Hong Kong movies, my first introduction to Stephen Chow was sent to me via a bootleg VCD that didn’t really work. When finally seeing the film I looked like a grinning idiot! I had never seen such slapstick comedy in Hong Kong movies, it was a fresh concept and it was executed brilliantly. Who would think that combining Shaolin martial arts with soccer (aka football for us Brits) would make an awesome comedy? Not to mention another awesome soundtrack which features both Andy Lau and the score from the Lion King?!

23. Divergence (2005)

Benny Chan and Ivy Ho deliver a great crime thriller telling the story of a cop on the brink of a mental breakdown of his missing partner, we have the handsome lawyer and the cold assassin! The Chinese title for this movie is; three forked road so as you can expect these three characters all end up at the same place sooner or later. With the cast of Aaron Kwok, Ekin Cheng, Daniel Wu and Angelica Lee the movie can’t help but be oozing with star appeal. We get dramatic chase scenes involving Aaron and Daniel as well as an assassination attempt! With guest appearances from Eric Tsang and Sam Lee it just adds more confidence to this great movie.

22. PTU (2003)


One of the Johnnie To movies I had for nearly a year and still never watched it. Obviously you can guess I was pretty pleased when I did finally get around to see Simon Yam and Lam Suet doing their best performances to date. The story of the missing pistol is set in the dark streets of Hong Kong and man is it awesome.

21. In the Mood for Love (2000)


Wong Kar-Wai finds his place in my top fifty with one In the Mood for Love, the movie where Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung oozed class and sophistication. The story is a slow burner and even frustrating but ultimately turns out to be very satisfying. The soundtrack to this movie is equally amazing, it transfixes you, almost hypnotizes you, just like Maggie Cheungs strut! Woof! Sorry I had to bring the class back down by the end of this article.

The Top 50 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade (#40-31)


In case you've missed part one, we continue our run down of the top 50 movies from this past decade. So far, no shocking responses, no death threats or fan mail! As stated before;

This list is compiled of the best movies from this decade, not the best movies I’ve seen this decade, so this list will not include Oscar winning classics such as “Who am I?” or “Those handsome riders of those Storm, cloud, cool hair cuts thing. Sequins etc.” Some notable classics will be missing; obviously I haven’t seen every movie we were graced with for the past decade. If you do have the strong urge to voice your opinion, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page where I will most likely respond and say “UR RONG!!” on a serious note, I would love it if we did get some feedback The countdown continues;

40. Triangle (2007)


Triangle is one of those experiments that sound like a really great idea and in the case of Triangle I think it was really executed well. Three of Hong Kongs top directors, Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam and Johnnie To direct Simon Yam, Louis Koo and Sun Hong Lei in a hidden treasure crime thriller. Tsui Hark was given the first act to direct, Ringo the second and To was given the finale. So as you can guess the first act had a lot of wacky wire-work and graceful shots of people gliding across the night’s sky and the other half of the movie was a down right gritty shoot out! Okay, I’m lying, but still an awesome flick.

39. Trivial Matters (2007)


Pang Ho-Cheung delivers several quite amusing short movies, if I had to choose a favourite I would need to mention Eason Chan in the Ghost Festival, the eternal struggle of man begging for, um…relief. Easons partner only seems to be the giving type when holidays are being celebrated, hello Thai Splashing Day! The other segments of the movie include appearances from; Chapman To, Shawn Yue, Conroy Chan, Stephy Tang, Gillian Chung, Juno Mak and we also get the best acting piece from “The Dark Knight” star Edison Chen.

38. You Shoot, I Shoot (2001)

When running HKCuk back in the day, one of our reviewers Patrick provided us with a review of YSIS and I thought, this movie sounds amazing. A few years back we were finally given a great feature filled DVD and I finally got to see the movie for the first time. At first I was worried because Eric Kot and Cheung Tat-Ming could be two of the most annoying twats from the past decade, but this movie was taken more seriously, but still got some pretty good laughs from it. I could easily believe that no-one, not one person didn’t grin when Cheung Tat-Mings remixed their production company logo with the Golden Harvest movie and the when the movie had VCD copyright blue screen at the start, those scenes were golden.

37. Running on Karma (2003)

One of the first Johnnie To movies and one of the first “What the fuck!?!” genre movies I had ever seen. After watching Infernal Affairs I began to follow Andy Lau’s career pretty closely, wanting to see everything was starring at that point. I obtained a bootleg of Running on Karma, Andy Lau in muscle suit ladies! Andy Lau is joined with pip-squeak Cecilia Cheung. Man what a crazy ending though?

36. Dog Bite Dog (2006)


Director Soi Cheung delivers some very dark, bloody and fucking brutal moments in Dog Bite Dog. Many would agree that this movie was a big step for canto pop heart throb Edison Chen. The movie has action sequences which look like a mixture of dog fights and bare knuckle boxing. Sam Lee stars opposite Chen as a respectable cop who also looses his marbles and finds himself thirsty for blood and revenge! The scrap at the end of the movie is cream of the crop!

thesparrow235. Sparrow (2008)

*Whistles* I’ve been told this movie is influenced by a certain era of classic French Cinema; unfortunately I wasn't snobby enough to realize that, what a shame eh? The movie revolves around a group of pick-pockets and how a hot piece of… woman – Kelly Lin could easily ruin their operation. The group is made up of To’s regular squad; Simon Yam, Lam Suet, Gordon Lam as well as a few others. It’s a good film, but doesn’t shine as bright as some of his other work, I mean where is the shoot out where Yam slides down the staircase firing duel beretta-ta-tas?

Oh wrong director.

34. House of Fury (2005)


In Stephen Fung’s second movie as a director we really do get to see that he is a talented film-maker behind the camera. Anthony Wong plays the role of a father with two teenage kids played by Stephen Fung and Gillian Chung. Wong spends his days as a pharmacist, who heals bones, pops sockets back into place etc. nothing special, but! This is all just a cover because he is actually a James Bond style secret agent who fights stylish henchmen that looks like they’ve fallen of MTV. The cast also include Daniel Wu as Gillian’s boyfriend and Charlene Choi as Gillian’s school mate. Oh wait and WU MA! Wu Ma and Michael Wong, oh wait, yuck, sorry. The movie definitely has plenty of replay value, so I rightfully believe it has earned its spot in this list.

33. New Police Story (2004)

Jackie Chan returns to one of his most popular films; The Police Story series. The original Police Story came around after Jackie being upset with his treatment on the American movie “The Protector”, so he returned to Hong Kong and made Police Story. Deja-vue 20 years later, I can’t comment whether he was happy or not with his series of Rush Hour movies, but he did return to Hong Kong and made “New Police Story”, playing the confident cop who looses his entire squad to an elite gang of extreme sport spoiled brats! Then falling down into a drink binge slump he teams up with young new-start cop Nicholas Tse to go get some revenge! I have to admit I really looked forward to the movie and it met my expectations to a tee. I loved it!

32. Infernal Affairs III (2003)

The often confusing conclusion to possibly the greatest trilogy Hong Kong has ever seen! Yes Infernal Affairs III continues on from the first Infernal Affairs following Tony Leungs character six months before the first movie and following Andy Laus character six months after. This movie involves some new characters played by Leon Lai and Chen Dao-Ming. After viewing the movie on several occasions, I do think this movie deserves its place in the list, if only to see the tremendous performance done by Andy Lau. Obviously this movie is a must see if you have only see the first two movies, as you can expect this movie completes the story, heck the ending credits start to roll as the first movie originally begins! Full circle people! Full circle!

31. The Warlords (2007)


The dream team of Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takashi Kaneshiro are put together into a remake of the classic Shaw Brothers movie; The Blood Brothers. The movie deserves a spot in this list for that plot alone! The movie is brilliant though, highly detailed costumes and sets, jaw dropping battle scenes, if you think you’re going to be sitting through another bland two hour epic period war movie, you’re wrong!

The Top 50 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade (#50-41)


Ladies and Gentleman, I invite you to read this vast list of the best Hong Kong Movies from the past decade. Now let’s clear things up right away, the order of this list has been put together by myself and if you disagree with my opinion e.g. "What do you mean Second Time Around is better than Election: Volume 2!!?1?!!" that is your opinion, this is mine and now we can get on with the rest of our lives. This list is compiled of the best movies from this decade, not the best movies I’ve seen this decade, so this list will not include Oscar winning classics such as "Stormriders" or "Young & Dangerous IV: Roy Cheung gets reincarnated and no-one notices" Some notable classics will be missing; obviously I haven’t seen every movie we were graced with for the past decade. If you do have the strong urge to voice your opinion, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page where I will most likely respond and say “UR RONG!!” on a serious note, I would love it if we did get some feedback Over the remaining weeks I will post 5 articles of our count down leading us from the number 50 spot right down to the best damn movie that has came from this decade! Now that we've gotten past the introduction onto the list!

50. The Twins Effect (2003)


The Twins Effect provided me with my first taste of the Canto pop duo Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi. Many people will be thinking that, if Twins Effect is already in the top 50, we are screwed! But every movie I have chosen is worthy of it's spot. This movie is simply a treat, it is pure sugary sweet pop corn! This movie doesn't need a dark plot, it's light hearted and has many appearances from industry veterans; Anthony Wong, Karen Mok, Josie Ho and Jackie Chan. They might of relied a little too much on some veterans when the movie was released internationally as "The Vampire Effect" with Jackie Chan on the front cover.

This movie would leave some people with a bitter taste in their mouths if they were expecting a Chinese Vampire movie, sorry Ekin Cheng get dolled up as Taoist priest. The movies action sequences are lighten fast and quick paced, as you can expect co-director Donnie Yen also worked as the action director.

49. Drunken Monkey (2002)

The only Shaw Brothers movie to make it into this decade and man I loved it. The cast is a mixture of the old dogs; Gordon Liu and Liu Chia-Liang and the new breed with talented screen fighter Wu Jing and the lovely Shannon Yao. We get the old fashion training scenes with The Pops and of course we have drunken material arts, nothing could beat it at the time. You have to admit that it is nice to see that Old School Martial Arts movies are still being made even today and there is still the talented breed of actors that can portray it. Also did I mention that Gordon Liu and Liu Chia-Liang fight? It's awesome!

48. The Legend of Zu (2001)

291337Zu Warriors Front

In the early 80's we were introduced to one of the most amazing science fiction movies of it's time starring Yuen Biao Bridgette Lin and Sammo Hung. Fast forward to 2001, director Tsui Hark delivers a sequel starring Ekin Cheng, Louis Koo, Cecilia Cheung and Sammo Hung. It was a great idea for the sequel to be made then, the technology is booming there is some amazing CGI, the duels where Ekin Cheng and Louis Koo are fighting evil versions of themselves is crazy! The movie is also choked with full with star appeal, we have Zhang Ziyi, Wu Jing, Patrick Tam, Kelly Lin and Lau Shun!

47. Rob-B-Hood (2006)

Easily one of the best Jackie Chan films to have came out this decade. It's a known fact that most of the movies Jackie stars in over in America usually tend to be crap. Although when Jackie stars in a comedy in Hong Kong it's always a hit! Jackie Chan is teamed up with a comedy veteran Michael Hui and easily one of the biggest stars coming out of this decade; Louis Koo. These three men are thieves who suddenly discover that they've been robbed themselves, they decide to take part in one last heist, kidnap the baby from a millionaire couple!

The movie also stars Charlene Choi, Yuen Biao, Gao Yuanyuan, Teresa Caprio and a great cameo from Daniel Wu and Nicholas Tse. The movie has plenty of  creative action sequences, crazy hi-jinks and a handfuls of lovable characters. It's the perfect blend for action comedy.

46. Initial D: Drift Racer (2005)

I can hear Ken rolling his eyes from bonny Scotland. Initial D to me is great, I've never had the stomach to watch any of these Fast and Furious movies, but this movie was awesome! This movie did receive some hype since it was based on the extremely popular Japanese Manga Initial D.

For those turned off by Jay Chou and Edison Chen, the movie does actually have a decent cast; Anthony Wong, Kenny Bee, Jordan Chan and star in the making; Shawn Yue.

I can also say this is probably one of the first movies where I found the international remixed soundtrack to be superior to the original soundtrack. If that hasn't convinced you to close the web page, I thank you.

45. Heroic Duo (2003)

Francis Ng is crazy and now Ekin Cheng needs help from Leon Lai! This movie is filled with action, suspense and plot twists! I think Benny Chan done a great job, the complaint I expect from most people would prolonged ending a bit of a pain, but that's their problem.

I can't help but love the chase scenes in this movie, the shot where they're on the ladder between buildings is brilliantly shot.

44. Enter the Phoenix (2004)


What can I say? Stephen Fung can make a great comedy? Daniel Wu & Eason Chan are easily the biggest stars of tomorrow? Daniel Wu is obviously the catcher? Wait, bad tangent!

Stephen Fung for once stepped behind the camera and created this excellent story of a head triad passes, thus leaving his son Daniel Wu next in charge,  although Eason Chen, his partner poses as Wu and takes upon the role of head triad! Let the crazy camp hi jinks ensue!

43. Tokyo Raiders (2000)

My co-hosts aren't fans of this movie at all, is this why this is in this list? Am I just trying to hurt people? NO!

Tony Leung and Ekin Cheng are surrounded by beautiful women and salsa music, the end. Tokyo Raiders, not only sounds cool, it is cool! Tony Leung is Tokyo’s greatest private investigator, he meets Kelly Chen, who arrives in Tokyo chasing her unruly groom and following her is duped interior designer - Ekin Cheng. Paths cross, secrets get revealed and story unfolded. Also some nifty action sequences and stunts are packed into this Lunar New Year movie!

42. 2002 (2001)

Nicholas Tse and Stephen Fung become buddy cops in the ultimate Sci-Fi Bromance. The movie sounds pretty pants, but it’s surprisingly good and quiet watchable. We get introduced to the concept of man and ghosts are one, why not let them work in the police force? Lau Kar-Ying provides plenty of wacky comedy moments and of course a heart breaking duel at the end of the movie can’t help but suck you into the flick.

41. Color of the Truth (2003)

Color of the Truth was a complete blind buy for me, I know that Anthony Wong and Gillian Chung starred in the movie and that was it. I was blown away with this movie, our leading man Raymond Wong was great, I wasn't familiar with this bloke at all and he did a great job. The movie also stars Jordan Chan and the movie also has brief appearances from Lau Ching-Wan and Francis Ng. A very sold crime thriller that follows the bar for Crime/Thrillers that Infernal Affairs has set. Good job Wong Jing, atta boy!

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