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See the cast of CHUNGKING EXPRESS, 20 Years Later

See the cast of CHUNGKING EXPRESS then and now

Released originally 20 years ago, the multi-award winning drama from Wong Kar-Wai consists of two stories told in sequence, each about a lovesick Hong Kong policeman mulling over his relationship with a woman. (Wikipedia) Read the rest of this entry »

Podcast On Fire: Extra Life 2011

It’s the time of the week again where Master Stoo is playing video games for an entire day but also the time of the YEAR where he’s doing it for charity! Yes, visit his Extra-Life page* to find out how you can support his charity work for the Children’s Miracle Network. In honour of that, Stoo also gives you the full skinny on an unnumbered Podcast On Fire focusing on games played recently, Asian movies that could be made into games and joining him is Ken and VCinema’s Coffin Jon for a relaxed un-movie like discussion in the POF-lounge.

*XBox users can also find and follow Stoo under the handle stoo1985 during the day.

Show links: (Stoo’s Extra Life page)
Sasquatch clip from Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare
Illbleed review
Onimusha Warlords – Gameplay
Onimusha 3 Opening Video (action’d by Donnie Yen)

Music by Anamanaguchi – Scott Pilgrim Anthem (intro), Cheap Shop (break) & Twin Dragons (Outro)



Jade Screen Vol. 7 Issue 6 *New Look*

We got hit up a yesterday with the brand spanking new look to Jade Screen Magazine! Pretty pretty right? (Click here for Enlarge Image) Jade Screen is the bi-monthly Asian Action Magazine! Augusts issue is draped with Andy Lau from Detective Dee with interviews with both Andy Lau and Tsui Hark.

There is also a Young and Dangerous article penned by yours truly! NO! Not Ken! He’s no even watched it yet! If you read my Young and Dangerous article from Impact Magazine back in 2007, this is a updated re-written version, sort of; Young and Dangerous article 2.0!

They’ve also covered Sex and Zen 3D and it’s arrival to UK Shore this September! Can’t wait, right?

The Magazine costs £3.95 and can be found in all good newsagants (and some shit ones!) or you can buy it directly from Jade-Screen.Com


We’ve got three copies of FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC on DVD from Metrodome to give away! We’re also giving you 3 chances to WIN a copy! We have competition copies avaliable to win from our website, our Facebook Page and Twitter!

Enter on the Website: Just reply to this post with Podcast on Fire Show suggestions (Anita Mui POF Episode, A Better Tomorrow Commentary, What’s Korean Cinema; Brotherhood etc.)

Enter on Facebook; Click Here, Like our Page and Like this Status; “Win a copy of FOUNDING OF THE REPUBLIC by Like’ing this Status”

Enter on Twitter; Send us a tweet (@PodcastOnFire) saying “Podcast on Fire is Awesome! Can I have my free DVD Now?”

Competition Closes on Monday 29th AUGUST

Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief Fund

Coffin Jon explains this alot better than I can;

As we all know very well by now, on Friday, March 11th at 2:46pm (JST), one of the largest earthquakes on record hit the northern coast of Japan and  reverberated down the country’s eastern shores causing destruction and loss of lives not only from the quakes themselves, but also the tsunamis caused by them.  We here have many friends and family members who were affected by this disaster, most of whom we are happy to report have been accounted for and were relatively unaffected.  However, there are thousands of more people in Japan who require assistance, so we are calling on friends of VCinema to help out.

In conjunction with other Asian film blogs and podcasts, we are requesting our listeners and readers to make donations to the Japan Society in New York.  The Japan Society is one of the oldest and most respected cultural centers in North America and have done remarkable job at promoting Japanese film with their  Japan Cuts film festival and other such exciting film events.  Information about the Japan Society can be found here.  Also check out their dedicated page here for updates about the disaster and aid efforts.  They are pledging 100% of all donations directly to the relief effort.

Other than donating, the only other thing we can do is convince you to donate. And for your charitable efforts we will reward you with a 3 Hour Podcast on Fire.  This podcast is exclusive to everyone that has donated any amount of money to any of these main charities; Red Cross (US/UK), Japan Society and Global Giving.

All you need to do is forward your e-mail receipt from any of those Charities to; podcastonfire [at]

Thank you.


VCinema: Legend of Kamui in San Francisco, CA

The VCinema podcast are holding a film screening next Friday in San Francisco at the Viz Cinema. They are showing the live-action manga flick; Kamui: The Lone Ninja. My review of the movies on the site if your interested. Anyway if you want more concrete details, VCinema have your back.

Podcast on Fire Forum – The Race to 365 (Nov)

Another month, another update. Here’s the copy and pasted original post (he he); Over at our forums, us and our forum members are in a race to see who can surpass the goal of watching 365 movies within 365 days. Bellow are our top five leaders in the race;

1)  (-) Drunken Master (w/ 125 Movies)
2)  (-) TheShayneShow (w/ 119 Movies)
3)  (-) Knetan (w/ 77 Movies)
4)  (-) Stoo (w/ 51 Movies)
5)  (-) Tom K.W. (w/ 35 Movies)

Not a big change, but we do have some new people in the running! If you are interested in joining and whipping our asses, here’s a link to the topic.

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Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund
For full information click above. If you wish to donate via PayPal.
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