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Podcast On Fire: Extra Life 2011

It’s the time of the week again where Master Stoo is playing video games for an entire day but also the time of the YEAR where he’s doing it for charity! Yes, visit his Extra-Life page* to find out how you can support his charity work for the Children’s Miracle Network. In honour of that, Stoo also gives you the full skinny on an unnumbered Podcast On Fire focusing on games played recently, Asian movies that could be made into games and joining him is Ken and VCinema’s Coffin Jon for a relaxed un-movie like discussion in the POF-lounge.

*XBox users can also find and follow Stoo under the handle stoo1985 during the day.

Show links: (Stoo’s Extra Life page)
Sasquatch clip from Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare
Illbleed review
Onimusha Warlords – Gameplay
Onimusha 3 Opening Video (action’d by Donnie Yen)

Music by Anamanaguchi – Scott Pilgrim Anthem (intro), Cheap Shop (break) & Twin Dragons (Outro)



Phone in on Our Jackie Chan Finale

That’s right, Kens idea for the finale conclusion to our Jackie Chan podcasts, we’re asking for you to call in and talk about what you think of Jackie’s career from 2000 and onwards and what they think lies ahead in the future!

Call; 0131 208 3005, let it ring and when the automated voice kicks in, leave your message! We’ll screen the messages on our final episode of the Jackie Chan Series. Calls will be charged at your standard network rate.

Podcast on Fire will “Play Games. Heal Kids.”

Podcast on Fire have joined Sarcastic Gamers annual “Extra Life” charity effort.  We’re raising money and awareness for my local Children’s Miracle Network hospital, Royal Hospital for Sick Children. On October 16th, 2010 I’ll attempt to play video games for 24-hours straight, and I’ve asked you to come by in hopes that you’ll support me by giving just $1.00 per hour ($24 total) (Stoo Note; That’s £15, but being honest, I would happily except donations of £2.40). Your donation is tax-deductible and 100% of your gift goes to help heal sick kids, here in Edinburgh.

This Fall, my fellow Extra Life gamers are going to make miracles happen for kids. I can’t do that without your support. My goal is to raise $240.00. On that date I do hope to have a live feed running on the website so you can watch my progress and send messages of encouragement, fuck, I might even get online and record a podcast with Ken during! Although I WILL NOT take the Webcam to the bath room when I play Planets vs. Zombies on the iPhone.

You can Support my Team through this link, you can Donate now OR on the day!

LOVEFiLM Player “Extra Time” is pretty cool!

LOVEFiLM is the United Kingdoms leading Online DVD/BR/Video Game rental service. They are now providing the luxury of watching over 4,000 of their movies online off their website for free for the next Fortnight (Unless your Unlimited Package subscriber) in aid of the World Cup! Yes, in a “Extra Time” special we’re given the chance to watch some great films online for free!

We’re given everything from the Infernal Affairs Trilogy, Thirst, Zatoichi and some early Wong Kar Wai!

I’ve looked through thier World Cinema section listed all the free movies (almost 50 flicks!) within this post; Read the rest of this entry »

Paul Loudon is the F**king Tits!

Illustrator/PoF Historian Paul Loudon maybe a familiar name to our regular listeners last year, helping with his coverage of Visible Secrets: Hong Kong’s Women Filmmakers, where he interviewed director Ivy Ho and of course he joined us on our Two Year Anniversary Special.

Paul is also known as a kick ass Illustrator and he even spiced up our Team Page this week (which is also updated with Kens biog btw!). We want to take out this time to thank Paul for his terrific work and encourage everyone to visit his official website;

Man I wish I were rich…


…then I could listen to Podcast on Fire on my Apple TV!

If you do own a Apple TV (ya jammy git), go to iTunes > Podcasts > search “Podcast on Fire”. So next time someone asks, what’s the crap on the telly, you say “Podcast on Fire” and say it with pride!!!

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