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Podcast On Fire 188: The Dynasty Report – The White Haired-Witch Of Lunar Kingdom & Floating City


Three reports in and we’re still playing with the format, mixing and matching and certainly not setting any cut off point in terms of a movie being too old. Just have to be fairly new so for this episode, you’ll be hearing Paul Fox, Dr. David Lam and Kenny B talk The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom from 2014 and Floating City from 2012. One might or might not be a totally unneccssary re-thread of the novel The Bride With White Hair was based on (and it might even be a close remake) and the other is Aaaron Kwok putting away the outlandishly colored pants in favour of acting.

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2 Responses to “Podcast On Fire 188: The Dynasty Report – The White Haired-Witch Of Lunar Kingdom & Floating City”

  • CL:

    Great show as usual Kenny,Paul and David. Really liked you format of having
    two films one that is new and one that is a bit older and readily available on
    streaming services.

  • Knetan:

    Thank you so much! We’re still toying with the format but glad it was received well!

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