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The Golden Ninja Podcast 1: IFD Films & Arts History & Ninja Terminator


Witness the bloody struggle of the search for the force of the golden ninja warrior. A spectacular story of betrayal and lust with supreme power of ninja technique. The weapons, the combat and the intrigue into the heartstopping world of the ninja empire.

Contact the show via email at podcastonfire at, on our Facebook page and Facebook group (NEW) or Twitter (@podcastonfire@sogoodreviews) and SUBSCRIBE to our iTunes feed . Intro music created by JAKAZiD. We are also featured on All Things Film, a collection of like minded Film, Cinema, TV, Geek and Cult Podcasts.

Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Ed Glaser interview
23m 25s – IFD Films & Arts History
62m 10s – Ninja Terminator review

Show Links:
The Golden Ninja Podcast at Stitcher
Sleazy K’s Video
Neon Harbour – Site, Twitter, Facebook
Golden Ninja Warrior Chronicles
Ninja Terminator (widescreen) – You Tube
All Things Film
Interview with Godfrey Ho Actor Andy Chworowsky – Neon Harbour

4 comments on “The Golden Ninja Podcast 1: IFD Films & Arts History & Ninja Terminator

  1. RockoMyler says:

    Hey there, I am the uploader as well as the editor of the Ninja Operation: Knight and Warrior restoration. I only ever uploaded it on YouTube because I was too lazy to figure out how to distribute the original video file, haha. Interesting that it’s made its way to torrent sites, although they should have tried contacting me about it so I could give them the original, full quality video encode.

    I know in essence all I did was cobble together compressed video of a 1980s ninja action movie from Hong Kong that I have zero legal ownership of, but even so I put time and effort into that “restoration” so I kind of hope other people aren’t taking credit for it.

  2. Knetan says:

    And for being so generous to share it, we thank you and once we cover it on the show we’ll be sure to give you a shoutout!

  3. RockoMyler says:

    Thanks! Love the podcast.

  4. Knetan says:

    Thank you very much! We just recorded episode 2!

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