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What’s Korean Cinema? 12 – The Hand Of Destiny & JSA (Joint Security Area)


Black and white, north or south, romance or political ideology, spies, Zippo lighters, world’s best photograph, Korean cinema of 1954 and the new millenium. This episode continues the theme of something older Korean and something newer ish. So Kenny B,  Paul Quinn of Hangul Celluloid and Stewart Sutherland are gathered to enjoy the benefits of free, legal Korean movies on You Tube for half a show as we take a look at the 1954 romance-spy-melodrama The Hand Of Destiny (directed by Han Hyeong-Mo) and a classic and hit from right at the top of the new millenium, Park Chan-wook’s JSA (Joint Security Area).

Special thanks to Henrik Andersson for remastering the original recording.

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Han Hyeong-Mo bio/discussion
25m 34s – The Hand Of Destiny review
42m 35s – Park Chan-Wook bio/discussion
58m 50s – DMZ discussion
65m 40s – JSA review

Show Links:
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