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Taiwan Noir 7: Golden Queen’s Commando & Pink Force Commando


Take a bunch of good looking, iconic girls, plant them in movie reality courtesy of die hard movie nerd Chu Yen-Ping and you get products that probably outrages most rather than delights but that’s ok. It sparks conversation if it’s an homage or not to steal so many scenes from other movies and their music for your own. For this episode of Taiwan Noir therefore you have to imagine a paralell movie world where everything is possible. We got 80s pop star haircuts, a wild west town with 80s style grafitti, Chinese Nazis, the Ku Klux Clan and a lot is set to Ennio Morricone’s music. It’s of course a double bill of Taiwanese reefer madness in the form of Golden Queen’s Commando and Pink Force Commando! In Last Taiwanese Movies Watched, there’s challenges in devil areas and Joey Wong in a boobie flick that is equally short and long.

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro/Chu Yen-ping bio & discussion
34m 02s – Brigitte Lin bio & discussion
54m 27s – Golden Queen’s Commando review
80m 40s – Pink Force Commando review
117m 47s – Last Taiwanese Movies Watched

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3 comments on “Taiwan Noir 7: Golden Queen’s Commando & Pink Force Commando

  1. David says:

    Hey there. Just wanted to mention that the original Taiwanese version actually does feature different music at some points, namely the montage where the women best the Warlord and his men; it’s a Mandarin vocal song in the original. Also, there’s some missing footage, including an entire plot point about how Black Cat poisoned the food at her little hideout as a means of convincing the rest of the gang to tag along with her.

    Other additional footage includes some really un-subtle comedy with the fellow who plays the Warlord- probably a welcome change, but a change nonetheless.

    Anyway, good podcast, guys. Keep it up.

  2. David says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention, the insert shots from Golden Queens shoved into Pink Force are exclusive to the IFD English version- they don’t show up at all in the Taiwanese cut.

  3. Knetan says:

    Thank you so much David for the highly valuable feedback:) Nice memory! /Ken

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