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Podcast On Fire 154: A Moment Of Romance & Bullet In The Head


Remember the summer of 1990 when two action-drama and romance classics came out and that you were left devastated after each one? If you did (and even if you didn’t), here’s your chance to relive some of that through Kenny B’s and Tom K-W’s discussion on Benny Chan’s A Moment Of Romance and John Woo’s Bullet In The Head. Dr. Lam is also at hand, providing two separately recorded reviews and check out his show specific doodles in the show links! Pardon the audio quality of these two segments.

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Show Links:

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The Milky Way Wonderland
Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow
A Moment Of Romance – Lovehkfilm review
Bullet In The Head – Far East Films review
Bullet In The Head – German VHS ending (unmissable)



2 comments on “Podcast On Fire 154: A Moment Of Romance & Bullet In The Head

  1. Mark Savage says:

    Great podcast.

    The urine drinking scene was in the theatrical cut released in Australia’s Chinatown Cinemas. In that version, the film ended in the office with Ben killing Paul (my preferred ending, actually, as I don’t like the car chase/Hamlet ending). He puts his pistol to Paul’s head and film cuts to black at the same time a gunshot is inserted. We then hear burning car audio over credits.

    Of course, this version has the most complete sound cues. I could write about what’s wrong with BULLET’s music cues for hours, but I’ll spare you that.

  2. Knetan says:

    Thank you, Mark and yea, touched a little on the sound differences as well. The director’s cut works so much better for me as it is indeed more complete.

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