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Taiwan Noir 2: On The Society File Of Shanghai

Kenny B along with special guest and hopefully future co-host John Charles hit a key movie in the wave of Taiwanese social realism: Wang Chu-chin’s On The Society File Of Shanghai (1981). The movie that also gave Taiwanese cinema Liu Hsiao-fen (depicted above). Also featuring a Last Taiwanese Movies Watched-segment that gives you heroic goreshed and Long Wolf And Cub…Taiwanese style!

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2 comments on “Taiwan Noir 2: On The Society File Of Shanghai

  1. Jay says:

    I genuinely enjoy this podcast in general, but this is one of my favorite episodes yet, even though I’ve never actually seen this movie. John’s book is one of my all-time favorites, very thorough, and highly helpful both for the novice and the expert. His memories of the early days of Hong Kong movie collecting really reminded me of my teen years in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. I also liked the mention of the Saturn Video releases that John Charles brought up in the third volume of this series. I bought a ton of those tapes over the years, many of them for less than three dollars apiece at a local discount store. Great stuff…

  2. Knetan says:

    Thank you so much for listening and for your feedback! I’ll forward it to John! /Ken

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