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What’s Korean Cinema? 1: My Sassy Girl

The debut of the new show on the Podcast On Fire Network, follow Stoo and company through the love, hate, ups and downs of Korean Cinema during the next 6 episodes! This first entry focuses on Kwak-Jae-young’s 2001 romantic comedy My Sassy Girl. Also, Stoo, Ken and special guests Martin Cleary from New Korean Cinema ( and Rufus L de Rham from our friends at VCinema ( and cineAWESOME! ( cover their first discovery of Korean cinema! It’s all done under 2 hours!

1 comment on “What’s Korean Cinema? 1: My Sassy Girl

  1. Paul says:

    Hey guys,

    Still doing a bit of podcast catch-up from February, but I really enjoyed this first foray into Korean cinema. I know very little about Korean film, but MY SASSY GIRL was one of my early exposures to the ‘new wave’ as it hit Hong Kong. I am pretty much in Stoo’s camp in that I really loved the film and it’s humor. It worked for me because of the role-reversal, but I can see how watching in a decade later how it can lose some of its flare. Interestingly, the Hong Kong theatrical cut is still my preferred cut. It’s shorter, a bit tighter, with a different soundtrack in places, and it gets rid of some of the coincidental near misses of the two characters. The film was very popular here and there were quite a few low budget Hong Kong knock-offs. As a result of the local success the semi-prequel WINDSTRUCK that Martin mentioned was actually co-produced by some Hong Kong folks as well and it was heavily promoted here.

    I was a huge fan of Jun Ji-Hyun coming off of her role in IL MARE, but Cha Tae-hyun really makes this film for me. And sadly Ji-Hyun has had some real dregs of late (DAISY and BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE). I am hoping her next film can be a return to better form. The US remake of MSG was really was a hollow shell as mentioned on the podcast, and the IL MARE remake (THE LAKEHOUSE) was not much better.

    Looking forward to future episodes.

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