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Podcast On Fire 87: Mike-Cast 2011

Ah…. it’s always oh so lovely when it’s The Magnificent Trio on air again! So welcome back Mike Banner to the Podcast On Fire Network! Also, we know the following questions are continually hovering inside and around people’s heads so we thought we’d answer them: Is Yuen Biao Better than Sammo and Jackie, how is Tony Jaa, where is Edison Chen and what is the ZiiEagle? Pardon the sound quality of the show (this stuff was all too good to lose), in particular from Ken’s end and do note Stoo switches to his iPhone 30 mins into the show so that’s why his sound quality worsens.

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2 comments on “Podcast On Fire 87: Mike-Cast 2011

  1. Lantern Jaw says:

    Cool, guys, this sounds awesome. Yuen Biao for the win!!

  2. jrcma says:

    I like Sammo the best because he can Star(because he so big he looks very powerful), One of the best Action Directors ever & can director better than both Jackie & Biao.

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