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Podcast on Fire Forum – The Race to 365 (Oct)

Over at our forums, us and our forum members are in a race to see who can surpass the goal of watching 365 movies within 365 days. Bellow are our top five leaders in the race;

1) Drunken Master (w/ 53 Movies)
2) TheShayneShow (w/ 53 Movies)
3) Knetan (w/ 41 Movies)
4) Stoo (w/ 23 Movies)
5)  Tom K.W. (w/ 17 Movies)

If you are interested in joining and whipping our asses, here’s a link to the topic.

3 Responses to “Podcast on Fire Forum – The Race to 365 (Oct)”

  • TheShayneShow:

    It’s looks like I do nothing but watch movies when you see it written there like that.

  • Knetan:

    It is the biggest loser competition after all.

  • Drunken Master:

    I didn’t realise it was a race. I’d better get some movies watched in that case. The thing that worries me is that my to watch pile never gets any smaller. Winter months ahead, so settle down early. Switch off the lights. Put the feet up, and put on a film……. or two…..or three…..or

    You know what I mean.

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