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Tokyo Gore School (2009)

Tokyo Gore School revolves around Fujiwara, your normal leading man who spends his day looking thoughtfully into the distant,  but his life suddenly changes when he discovers that he’s involved in a deadly game where all his private details have been posted on underground illegal websites. The only way to remove your details is find and attack other players!

Much like the other movies I’ve been watching recently I was suprised that this movie is actually called Tokyo Gore School. I thought this was some clever marketing, trying to fool people into thinking that this movie is related to Yoshihiro Nishimuras 2008 hit Tokyo Gore Police, but I cant find any other title for this movie. Tokyo Gore could actually be new genre for Japan, much like the Big Tits Genre, so maybe in the next year we can expect; Tokyo Gore Nursery, Tokyo Gore Strippers and of course the sure classic; Tokyo Gore Picnic.

I have to admit I actually rather impressed with this movie, I expected it to be a plain slice of straight to DVD VCinema, it does have the expected bad action sequences, CGI blood, pointless twists and bright blue knickers.

Overall the movie was pretty decent, I rank this movie over Geisha Assassin, Kamui and of course Fudoh: The Next Generation.

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