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Force of Five (2009)

The Force of Five is made up of five young kids who practise Muay Thai kick boxing with their teacher Master Lek. The youngest of the group is fatally ill, luckily for him some other child is brain dead and his heart is up for grabs!

Things turn ugly when the hospital is over taken by a terrorist organization led by a young girl. The four kids come up with a plan sneak into the building to retrieve a heart prepared for the vital transplant!

When I was young I really enjoyed watching the 3 Little Ninja movies and I think Force of Fire aka Power Kids would be the ultimate action movie if you were ten years old! Yes, the ultimate kids movie rated Age 15 and over.

Only in a kids movie can you get away with this hokey storyline, there is plenty of moments where you feel your eyes rolling around, but thankfully other elements of the movie spot on such as;

The action is intense and impressive, these kids are talented the final duel between the main kids and Johnny Nguyen is full on crazy! Johnny takes one hell of a beating and sells it well.

The story flies in quickly with the running time of one hour and twelve minutes there is no lag in our storyline.

Overall the movie is touch and go, but for those who have are crushing on these Thai action vehicles must rent The Force of Five!

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