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Raging Phoenix (2009)

Jija Yanin moves away from the chocolate and seems to be looking for something harder… alcohol!

Yanin plays Deu a bunny boiling drummer who flips her lid when discovering her partner is cheating on her. When drowning her sorrow binge drinking she is saved from an abduction by a group of drunken fighters. The group is led by Sanim the practitioner of a mysterious drunken martial arts style known as “Mayraiyuth” a mixture of Muay Thai, Parkour, break dancing and of course heavy drinking!

Sanims wife was abducted on their wedding day since then he spent the past four years looking for her and her captors – The Jaguar Gang. Deu convinces the group to teach her thier drunken art, once trained they infiltrate the Jaguar Gangs lair and find Sanims wife!

Rashane Limtrakul directs Jija in a stylish action piece that could easily rival Tony Jaas work. You can expect from the majority of Thai action movies we receive here in the United Kingdom, it’s not for their gripping story-lines, it’s for the kick ass action sequences. The storyline of a gang kidnapping women in order to extract a pheromone which is sold as an aphrodisiac perfume. Yes, it makes a difference from the occasional Elephant kidnapping.

Yes the action in the movie is fan-fucking-tastic. The motley crew that save Jijas character is made up of Kazoo (Sanim) a TRICKZ Martial Arts Champion from France and the “leading Thai B-Boys”, aka Team Shit, trust me, wait for the introduction segments. The movie is choked full of amazing action, action so good that you spend the film going; “Ooooh”, “Ahhh”, “fuck, rewind that bit” and once you finish the movie you will find yourself watching the action scenes again and again. The excellent fight between Jija Yanin and Roongtawan the Asia Pacific Women Body Building Champion is worth of many re-watches.

My final thoughts, silly story, but outstanding action! My favourite Thai Actioner of the year, come on Ong Bak 3 let’s see what you’ve got.

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  1. tonsofun says:

    the bit about abducting women for medical experiments was taken from an actual event in Thailand. sveral parliament types took money from them so they could do it without interfereance. makes the expenses scandal look rather tame =P

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