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Love Exposure (2009)

Due to the sudden death of his mother during his childhood, Yu (Takahiro Nishijima) is raised by his father Tetso, who dealt with his grief by becoming a man of God. After his father is stung at the end of a wild relationship, Yu has to pay daily when forced to daily confessions. Being a natural saint he could only lie, although being a terrible liar he’s beaten and forced into a rebellious streak of sin!

It starts of small, skipping school and joining a gang. Three hours later feeble attempts at mass murder and terrorist bombings. During Yu’s roller coaster ride he meets two very different young women, both who will change his life for ever.

When first receiving a copy of this movie, I thought to myself “Oh God no! no! Not the four hour movie!”, I’m a person who can easily watch anything as long as it’s running time is eighty minutes. Although I would admit that the movies fast moving story really gives an illusion of a near three hour movie instead of this 243 minute epic.

When first watching I found the fact that it was shot on video and the perverted storyline to be off putting at first, although when Yu begins sinning the movie can be quiet amusing. There is an amusing reference to the Female Prisoner Scorpion movies which becomes a massive part of the movies plot.

The performances from Takahiro Nishijima, Sakura Ando as well as the rest of the cast really pale in comparison to the beautiful Hikari Mitsushima who delivers a very moving speech towards the end of the third hour of the movie. Mitsushima also starred in both the very popular Death Note movies, although the only person I seem to remember from those movies is Erica Toda, can’t blame me right?

Our first hour of the movie focuses on introductions of our characters, which is amusing, the next couple get caught up in a bizarre love triangle and the last half hour, wait, the last hour is a lot of rubbish, it focuses on one characters meltdown, then only to repeat the same scenario again with the characters changing places.

To be honest, our leading man could have saved us two hours if he had only admitted he was the Scorpion!

Thanks, Sion Sono, but no thanks.

Best thing about the movie? Erica Toda, wait, sorry, wrong movie.

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